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Jag B Mahadeo, Basic Author                           

Favorite Links
Favorite Books

Reflections, Observation & Musings of Roaming Minds

Greetings fellow traveler.
Welcome to this stopover on the internet where together, we can share thoughts, stories, ideas and experiences which will hopefully make each of us better.
This site is designed to encourage and inspire the philosopher within each of us. We are all on a journey together in which we view the universe through different sets of eyes, yet have a common purpose and destination. May we all continue to seek that truth within us which will set us on that journey of fulfilling our purposes and reaching our destinations. 

Do read, browse, take a thought and leave one of your own in one of the comment boxes at the bottom of the pages, or the main comment page. Please feel free to
email me if you want to initiate contact or to rebuild and continue on a relationship which had crumpled due to our lack in communication. This, I plan on improving going forward.

(Please click on book and pictures for store links)

My first book, 'THe Heart of the Sun' has been published and is available at,, Barnes & Nobles and other sites and will be available in hard cover, paperback as well as ebook for ebook readers. It describes growing up as a little boy in No. 66 Village, in Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, in South America as most of the kids at that time. Please peruse my book on this website and buy if it fits into your reading catagory and interest and please do recommend to other readers as well. The black and white pictures in my book is available on this website in full color and size. Please see The Author page within this website for more information about 'The Heart of the Sun'.

I am also working on a few more ideas on which I would love your input/opinion as we travel in this journey through time.

Also on this site
(Fav books/rec reads) you will find a list of books which are my favorites or the favorite readings of my sisters Dr. Shanie Mahadeo-Heads and Vidya Mahadeo, and my brothers Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo and Yoganand Mahadeo.

There are other pages on this site which contains moral stories, philosophy, spirituality, pictures of places in Guyana, the environment, Mother Earth, Hindu Prayers, Muslim prayers and general prayers. As you browse through, please share with your contacts.

If you have already read my book, please feel free to share your opinion/feedback through my blog, the feedback feature, or better yet, leave your comments on the comment page for all visitors to read. Your thoughts will be very much appreciated since this is one of the most important ways in which I can keep getting better.

Thank you for your precious time which you have used to either read my book, visit this website or both.

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My Fav Books/ Rec reads

The Light of Ten Thousand Suns -- by Swami Veda Bharati -- available at -
(Inspirational poems by Swami Veda Bharati)

Garland of Pearls ------------------------- by Yoganand B Mahadeo ---- available at -
(Inspirational stories by Yoganand Mahadeo)

All books by Louis L'Amour
(Western fiction novels)

Principle Centered Leadership -----by Stephen R Covey ------ available at -
(Leadership how-to for career oreinted people)

Communion with God ------- by Neale Donald Walsch  --------- available at -

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