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Animated Version of the Ramayana

Hello everyone,
Here is a bird's eye view of an animated version of the Ramayana. It is a very different storyline of most versions previously made (reminder that the Ramayana is practically written in stone so you can't change the story line, just it's portrayal). View it using the link below, find it on YouTube or Google it as - Chetan Desai’s “Ramayana – The Epic”. If you have a smart TV with internet connection that should make this hour and a half long movie family time. Hope you see the entertainment provided by the monkeys as a perfected version of a recreational activity/art form as I did :-).

I definitely agree with the director's comment below, as a celestial warrior should have the greatest physique. This version would definitely draw in the younger crowd used to Hollywood animations. Please note there are no subtitles with this version or I couldn't find one.

Comment from director director Chetan Desai,

"Shri Ram was a warrior prince, in fact, the greatest of his time. It's obvious that he would have had a well muscled physique and we designed his animated character keeping that in mind. So far, we've always seen his gentler features but we can't override that he was also a Kshatriya."

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