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Jag B Mahadeo, Basic Author     
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Life Poems, Mind Poems: Exploring Life & Mind in Poetry.

This page is designed to uplift, inspire and encourage the poet within each of us. In this journey of life, each of us experience our experiences in our own unique way and plays our thoughts to our own music. May we all listen to the whispering poet within ourselves and be motivated to find the time to set it free, and as we do, discover our own joys & truths within. 

The Beast in Me - Jag B Mahadeo  Mid-Flight - Jag B Mahadeo
The Defiance Within - Jag B Mahadeo Beauty - The Physical and The Divine - Jag B Mahadeo
Whose Child Is This - Author Unknown Of Roses and Thorns - By Jag B Mahadeo

The Beauty of my own Individuality - Jag B Mahadeo

Thoughts And Musings- Rob McGovern & Jag B Mahadeo
Mother Earth Song of Tears - Jag B Mahadeo Go Not to The Temple - By Rabindranath Tagore

The Heart of The Sun - Jag B Mahadeo

Face to Face - By Rabindranath Tagore

Misery - Jag B Mahadeo

Peace - Jag B Mahadeo

Why, Oh Why - Jag B Mahadeo

Say Namaste - Jag B Mahadeo

Musings of the Heart - Jag B Mahadeo Happy New Year - Jag B Mahadeo

My Purpose Please - Jag B Mahadeo

Oneness with Nature, Universe & God - Jag B Mahadeo
Out! Out! Out I Say! - By Jag B Mahadeo Meeting The Swan - By Jag B Mahadeo
My Own Obstacles of Mind - By Jag B Mahadeo  The Hell of Living In Fear - Jag B Mahadeo
A Wish for Change - Happy New Year - Jag B Mahadeo  Download 'A Wish For Change' pdf


(When we are stuck in situations which leaves us feeling helpless)

When stuck at the eternal crossroads
And no sign of which way to go,
And any queries for help....from without,
Seems answered with a profound ‘NO’!

When Beauty and Purity is under siege,
....broken promises, and hearts of stone reign,
And waves of chaotic heart-wrenching crying
When pure, tender, loving minds cannot stay sane.

When the flower garland that adorns the neck
Has been cruelly torn and ripped to shreds.
And it appears that the soul has deserted
And left the physical body for dead!

When the innocent, pure-white, love-angel
Has brushed lips with the devil’s own,
And the place of red roses where doves flew
Now only thorns grow …. And deadly snakes roam.

If somehow crushed and left for dead,
Like the remains of rose petals underfoot.
The curtains of the eyes have been drawn shut
And life’s whole purpose seems misunderstood.

When it feels like the devil’s warped claws
Are painfully, deeply embedded in the flesh!
And the misfortunes befallen me is worthy,
For my past Karmas …. I haven’t been blessed.

Let my perilous dark cloud that hovers overhead
Be pierced by one sword-blade of pure light,
Thus freeing my soul from the netherworld
In which I’ve been trapped in mid-flight.

              From 'The Heart of The Sun' - Written by Jag B Mahadeo


The Beast in Me - Poem
(Reflections of that which exists within that seems to take control at times
and make us do self-destructive things onto others - Written in 1998)

In the deep recesses of my being,
There is a monstrous beast in me.
Hidden and disguised so very well,
Hard for anyone else outside to see

Locked up and tucked away,
In one of my mind’s many cages
He cannot control my body,
Even in his constant manic rages.

He constantly begs for my attention,
He pleads “let me out please”.
Even though he is my life’s companion,
Him, I will do nothing to appease.

I will tell you of my terrible beast,
And the things he is capable of.
He is so much like my own twin,
But he is incapable of showing love.

He is the selfish bigot in me.
He is the one who constantly lusts.
He is the braggart and the showoff.
He cares not about righteous or just.

He is selfish and he is downright mean,
And he listens when the devil beckons.
This is why I am on guard against him
Every day and every single second

You see, he is the one who gets angry,
So furious sometimes, he can kill.
I cannot give him any bit of control,
Or he will cause great havoc at his will.

He makes me scream, yell and curse,
He gets violent, rant and rave.
If I listen to him, I don’t belong here,
I should be living in a far away cave.

Constant thinking, he always does,
For he never ever goes to sleep
Make me do mean things to those I love,
The things that make them hurt and weep.

This is why he is always locked up,
And bound with chains oh-so-strong
So he never ever escapes or breaks out,
To take control and do his wrongs

Even though I keep him securely under wraps,
I’ve tried... but never could silence him.
I will stay in the saddle and keep the reins tight,
So he can never satisfy his whim.

So, I have a terrible beast in me,
But his things, he never ever gets to do.
Don’t you even think of mocking me
For you have your beast in you too.

                                              From 'The Heart of The Sun' - Written by Jag B Mahadeo

My purpose.......PLEASE? - Poem
(My Purpose Please .... so many discussions, arguments, debates, thoughts, notions and teachings about exactly what, is our Purpose! This poem poses many of the different questions regarding our purpose while going through the different stages of life, through the eyes of an observer - ‘A Student of Life’ - As we all are)
~Written in 1997~

We are born “a bundle of joy”,
To our siblings, a baby toy.
To some, a “bundle of pain”,
Born sick, helpless and nothing to gain.
Why am I here?

“Growing up” we are told, is ....supposed to be fun,
But for many millions of kids, they have none.
Growing up to about ten years of age,
The book of life then turns another page.
Why is this?

From here on, try to meet all the standards set,
So many of these, will never be met.
Try to walk the straight line between good and bad,
For so many kids, it’s always so sad.
What is the reason?

At fifteen years of age, so confused, so unsure.
These questions keep coming up more and more.
Girls and drugs, liquor and abuse,
Sometimes I feel so confused, of no use.
Do I really even exist?

Struggle all the way through school,
Tried to make education a useful tool.
I am so very gullible at this age,
I found part-time work for below minimum wage.
Is this worth it?

Just like a bucket full of crabs,
Seem like everyone wants to grab.
To drag me down, it’s such a fight,
To keep doing what I think is right.
Is this fair?

Out of college now.....there four years,
Tried to have some fun while I was there.
I really tried very hard, I did my best,
Got mostly A’s in most of my tests.
Will this really help?

The struggle continues, buried in debt.
On not finding a good job, I never did bet.
Temptations draw me over the edge,
I cling desperately with, fingertips at the ledge.
Why do I live?

Finally settled down, became a family man,
All the ups and downs, I mostly won.
But just when I thought I figured life out,
My good health just started going south.
Is this life?

In my forty’s, very well I can’t see.
Why is my health going downhill on me?
Cannot do the things I used to do,
Can’t even hear your words ring true.
Is this it?

At fifty, I decide to face the fact,
Getting older kinda knocks you on your back.
It’s something that all of us have feared.
Now I put up with mental and bodily wear.
Where does this life lead to?

I cannot bend down, I cannot sleep,
Pain in me makes me want to weep.
I am so tired day to day,
I feel like I have lost my way.
Is life really worth it?

At sixty, I have arthritis in my bones,
I can no longer even touch my toes.
All my aching joints, they feel so tight,
I cannot understand my terrible plight.
Why is this happening to me?

At seventy, I am going blind,
I can’t even think with a straight mind.
My body aches, my hands shake,
Don’t know how much of this I can take.
Where am I going from here?

No Priest from any religion,
Ever really answered my questions
They all have given it a whack,
But it is a tough one to crack.
Do the answers even exist?

So many theories but no one could prove,
Why are we here? Why do we move?
Or are we a figment of the imagination,
Of some higher, more powerful creation.
Why am I here?

Of death I have now started to think,
I feel I am very close to the brink.
I often wonder, has it all been in vain?
What have I accomplished? What have I gained?
Or is this all a dream?

Finally, now that I am dead,
My body placed on its eternal bed.
All of my life, questions endless,
No real answers, Oh what a mess?
All of the struggle, all the strife,
What exactly was the purpose of my life?

                                                From 'The Heart of The Sun' - Written by Jag B Mahadeo

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Our Oneness with Nature, Universe & God

I stepped into my backyard heaven, touching vibrant green
Feeling energized by some force, which remained unseen.
And like finally discovering, exactly where I belong
I felt my very soul break out, in a wonderful song

Barefoot on the lush grass carpet …. in the shadow-shade
Feeling the awesome sensations of each feather-soft blade
Mother Earth’s energy flows quietly up through my being
This Heaven-On-Earth through fresh eyes I’m now seeing

The warm, welcoming light of the brilliant morning sun
Caressed my skin and brought to mind a sense of joy and fun
My friends, the birds fed and talked in songs and beeps
While a squirrel from one bushy branch to another leaps!

That feeling of oneness through me …. now freely flowed
The seed of peace has sprouted, that in the past was sowed
And God gently whispered …. to me this message was conveyed
‘My Child, You and the Universe with the same elements were made’!

We are all ONE with the Universe!

                                                                               Jag B Mahadeo

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The Defiance Within

In defiance, the resolve strengthens inside of me
That our warriors within stay alive and bold
For as long as there is this kind of Evil on Earth
Prepare to defend our values, and fight to uphold!

But every so often there is an internal struggle
To continue to keep the faith in humanity
When we face the evil, cruel and the inept
See others suffer and witness the insanity!

Then some questions the very existence of God
And wonder why it is, and to whom we pray?
Some try to explain Karma and how it all works
But to their loved ones, what can we really say?

When the word ‘Love’ is thrown cheaply around
And resonates loudly in its own, sad, emptiness
And the sickness of mind seem to deeply permeate
Leading to acts …. cruel and absolutely senseless!

The ‘home’ is torn apart by selfishness and greed
And children are taught to use guns and blades
The sense of meaningful values is badly diluted
Where basic goodness, love and morality fades

Then innocent children are abused and love-starved
Churches and schools are no longer held sacred
And our little angels are like wild animals, hunted
Riddled with bullets, or hacked and left for dead.

We pray to infuse us all with goodness once again
Dear God, teach us to Love, to Tolerate and to Care
But also bless us with the intelligence and the strength
So we fight these kinds of evils, and not cower in fear.

Help us save our Precious Children Dear God.

                                                                                   Jag B Mahadeo


Synopsis of 'Beauty - The Physical and The Divine'

At every point in our lives here on Earth, on this part of our journey through the universe, we will be seeing and experiencing beauty through our eyes, and making so many decisions based on our interpretation of the word itself. We will associate with others, fall in love, make friends, and all our attraction to others will be based on this interpretation of beauty. We will live through some mini-lifetimes seeing beauty as rigidly unchanged and a few will do this until death.

However, for most, as our journey in this life continues, what we see as beauty will continue to evolve at every stage of our lives. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, we will begin to interpret beauty at a deeper, more spiritual level. This interpretation of beauty will expose us the true ‘divine’ beauty which is inherent within all of God’s creation and we will begin to see beauty in everything and in everyone. We will see perfection even in imperfection and we will begin to experience true Universal Love or Godly Love.
This is the spiritual awakening which is waiting to take place within each one of us, because we are all God’s children.

The poem ‘Beauty – The Physical and The Divine’ describes this journey of evolution of mind from the days of childhood, being married, becoming a parent, and the evolving perspective.

Beauty - The Physical and The Divine

Then I stared into the face of Physical Beauty
My pulse quickened and my heart raced
Playful thoughts became a muddled blur
And even time seemed to move fast-paced!

And as eyes caught and smiles were exchanged
Intense desires flowed and overcame me
Somehow, nothing else at that moment, mattered
Single point focus – only that One I could see!

Two then became one, and with a magical touch
Lives were intertwined and emotions flowed
Time and wealth shared and seeds sprouted
Mountains were climbed and rivers were rowed!

But the seeker within seeketh and did not stop
Longing for something deeper – a hidden jewel
Somehow I felt empty …. Something was missing
Like a part of my very soul or my mind-fuel!


And now, I gaze into the face of Divine Beauty
But my breath calmed and my mind stilled
My thoughts separated and all became clear
As I controlled my prayers and thoughts - strong willed

The book of knowledge was eventually opened
And from it, lessons learned and answers read
And then my viewing glasses were mightily changed
As understanding and revelations happened in my head

The joy in my heart almost like music, now flowed
Tender thoughts of Universal Love, sweet and kind
Realization came as that oneness with a loving God
And with this all, came my own Peace of Mind.

                                                 Jag B Mahadeo

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Whose Child Is it?

The sun-kissed raindrops glittered like a diamonds
Ready to let go the leaves to which they cling
Green grass, awakened trees and tender flowers
Awesome pleasures that this time of year bring!

Spring! Oh what a feeling!

Jag B Mahadeo

Spring Assassin.

And the cold nights returned, like a sneaking assassin
Snipping at my tender plant buds, still in their infancy
Wake up now, O Glory of my beautiful spring
Bring the warmth to my plants and stop torturing me.

Spring! Oh what a tease!!!!

Jag B Mahadeo

Why, Oh Why!
(A dear mother cries to me over the phone on the death of her older daughter - relayed in my words):

She cried, where is God when he is in need?
Why his children, he does not heed?
My heart is broken as I cradle my child’s head!
Why could it not have been me, in her stead?
Life is so cruel she sobbed and arms uplifted, cry
Why, Oh why, so young did she have to die?

Jag B Mahadeo

Of Roses and Thorns

Choices of roses and of thorns,
And of heaven and of hell
Desires of riches and wealth,
Knowing what to keep a secret
....and what to tell

Decisions of what to give and what to take,
And of this life ...what to make
Choosing between an olive branch
and a lightning rod,
like choosing between the Devil....and God.

Surrendering to hate or to love
Wishing to freely fly.... Like a dove.
Weather to stop and listen to the loving heart,
Knowing the heartaches which that can start

Temptations of mental and physical lust
Questions of honesty and of trust
Tolerance of seething anger and of pain
Wishing for sunshine when there is rain

Control of tempting desires and greed,
And of lasting just plant that seed.
To stay afloat and swim....or slowly sink,
In the face of adversity's wicked wink

Dreams of awesome castles in the air,
And nightmares that awaken us in fear.
Wishing for love-letters on paper of gold,
With love stories worthy to be told.

Acquaintances of whom to be proud
Who only our love would enshroud
What to dispense of and what to hold dear.
And over what, it's worth to shed a tear.

Which fault to show and which to hide?
And which true friends to keep by my side.
At what time which mask should be worn.
These Choices of Roses and of Thorns.

From 'The Heart of The Sun' - Written by Jag B Mahadeo
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Contradicting Thoughts and Musings

The piece below was written by Rob McGovern and me. At that time we were co-workers at Alro Tool & Machine, in Lindenhurst, Long Island. Each day each of us added a verse to what eventually became ‘Contradicting thoughts and Musings’ and led to each of us understanding ourselves and each other better.

Let’s gather around the carcass of the old deflated beast,
we have seen it through the accolades and rested in it’s lea.

We welcomed the audible gasp of his profound and final breath,
for thousands of new beginnings will spring forth from the throes of his death.

And so, we’ve nestled in it’s hollow and suckled at it’s breast,
Grandiloquent in attitude, impassioned, yet inept.

It’s awesome power dissipated as in a jubilant feast.
Now what calamity will transcend the place of this fallen celestial beast.

Frivolous gavel our design, ludicrous our threat,
Excursive expeditions leave us holding less and less.

But strange; the extreme spectrum that emanate from that one seed,
which all started from it and the power that it wield.

It sings “Leave your cares behind you. Just grab tenaciously”.
This lulling sense or purpose will destroy us rapidly.

And peer not through the windshield on your grand tour, with clouded, bloodshot eyes,
lest you not see the blinding flash that may signify your demise.

Still, he took a time bomb and a case of crackers and he made a maelstrom of organic debris.
Then he took a workbench and a rusty anvil and polished them for everyone to see.

Grim was this task, but gleefully he relished parting flesh from pelt.
Reveled in the horrid pain and suffering that the wretched masses felt.

You have created an unsocial monster and you’re searched for all over the globe,
most believe that things would sure be better if you’d come down here and tell us what you know.

Your search for answers in the wrong places may make this life seem bleak,
for deep within the shadows of your being may be he whom you seek.

Mutations, aberrations, and blatant anomalies,
they multiply and this monstrosity rear.

Here, look upon the smiling sun, revel in nature’s beauty,
God-given air, and live in wonderment of it all ....not in fear!

To have arrived on this earth as a product of a biological accident,
only to depart through human arrogance, would be the ultimate irony.

But to have arrived on this earth as a seed from the far reaching cosmic tree,
and live through this mortal life and only through death, be set free.

“For man in his normal state, is the work of God, but now as we see him.
He may be said, properly enough, to be the work of man.”
(Lord Monboddo: 1773)

Each individual, in this act of life is given his own role.
But, are we all not just extensions of that one Eternal Soul?

                                                                            Rob McGovern & Jag B Mahadeo

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Go not to the Temple

Go not to the temple to put flowers
upon the feet of God,
First fill your own house
with the Fragrance of love....
Go not to the temple to light candles
before the alter of God,
First remove the darkness of sin
from your heart.....
Go not to the temple to bow down
your head in prayer,
First learn to bow in humility
before your fellowmen....
Go not to the temple to pray
on bended knees,
First bend down to lift someone
who is down-trodden......
Go not to the temple to ask for
forgiveness for your sins,
First forgive from your heart
those who have sinned against you.
                                                                   By Rabindranath Tagore

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The Poem from which the title for the book 'The Heart of The Sun' was derived.


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This is My Prayer

This is my prayer to thee, my lord - strike,
strike at the root of penury in my heart.

Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.
Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.

Give me the strength never to disown the poor
or bend my knees before insolent might.

Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.
And give me the strength to surrender my strength to thy will with love.

                                                                 By Rabindranath Tagore


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Face To Face

Day after day, O lord of my life,
shall I stand before thee face to face.

With folded hands, O lord of all worlds,
shall I stand before thee face to face.

Under thy great sky in solitude and silence,
with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face.

In this laborious world of thine, tumultuous with toil
and with struggle, among hurrying crowds
shall I stand before thee face to face.

And when my work shall be done in this world,
O King of kings, alone and speechless
shall I stand before thee face to face.

                                                                                    By Rabindranath Tagore

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When I have lost the spring in my step,
And by my own strength, my basic needs cannot be met.

When a smile is no longer on my face,
When I cannot move, bedridden, and in one place.

When to those I love pain and sorrow is all I bring,
and about the misery in their lives .....I can do nothing.

When I cannot speak that which I ache to say
and my loved ones cannot bear to see me like this everyday.

When my body-sick, useless and ravaged by time
and my senses have no control, like they are no longer mine.

I hope and I pray, and please, don't ask me why.
Pull the plug..... Release me and just let me die.

Jag B Mahadeo
(Taken from the book 'The Heart of The Sun')

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Say ‘Namaste’
Written by Jag B Mahadeo - As explained by Pandit Budhram Mahadeo

(See video here)

In a calm voice I say …. ‘Namaste’
Bowing with palms together pressed
Fingers held relaxed, pointing upwards
And closely drawn up against the chest
‘With all the power in my hands
And all the intelligence in my head
With all the love in my heart
I pay respects to you’ …. This one word said.
A gesture of respect and kindness
To honor that great Divinity within
To know the extended family of God
To ignore any judgment, blessing, or sin
Gurus greet their disciples with ‘Namaste’
And say ‘Namaste’ upon bidding farewell
It reflects the deeper being, the soul within
Of inner Beauty, Love and Humility, it tell

Parents say ‘Namaste’ to their children
In temples all say ‘Namaste’ to each other
It speaks of seeing the Godliness within all
Even child say ‘Namaste’ to Mother and Father
The act of ‘Namaste’ always reminds us
that God is in every being we meet
That God resides within each of his children
In their existence, he keeps his loving seat
Hold ‘Namaste’ in your heart with high esteem!
Do ‘Namaste’ to your fellow souls with pride!
Say ‘Namaste’ and change the world with Love!
Live ‘Namaste’ and share God’s Love far and wide.

By Jag B Mahadeo

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 This poem was written for a dear sister & friend many years ago with much love & friendship. (My friend, may you always find that elusive peace in all its guises)

Om Shanti!
Peace of mind.
Peace of heart.
Peace of being .... of breath.
Peace of body and of soul.
Peace be.
Tortured memories of ages past,
of childhood days .... of dreams held fast.
Some no longer to be cast aside
No innocent ones from which I'd hide.
A life in which we are sometimes torn
between the cheery, the dismal and the forlorn.
And the battle to engage the cruel and unkind,
yet to maintain my precious peace of mind.
To face and conquer my fears standing upright.
To bow my head under no one else's might.
To cast aside all my numerous doubts
and to have only peace-thoughts flow from my mouth.
Om Shanti.
God’s Peace.
Not Remorse or Fear.
Not Ego's dance or Anger's fetid breath.
But light of knowledge and peace.
Om Shanti!
Thy name’s essence.
Not Anger or Sorrow, but
Peace be.
By Jag B Mahadeo

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Musings of the Heart
 (Musings on life & love in poetry)

Does real, true love ever die?
With real true love, can you really let go?
Can there be love at first sight?
To these, the lover in me says “no”.
Can real, true love fade over time?
Over great distance, does it even waver?
Can it exist on it’s a shell?
The lover in me says “never”.
Can real, true love be bought?
If so, how does one get paid?
Can true love ever be parted?
I say “not even by the keenest blade”.
Can real, true love ever be stopped,
at the instant of one’s final breath?
Does love then come to an end?
I say “not even at the time of death”.
How about falling ‘out-of-love’?
Can this absurdity possibly be?
Can you love and not be IN love?
This lover say “not according to me”.
How can real, true love die....or end?
If it does, was it true or real?
Not in my world! Not for me!
“Not the kind of love this lover feel.”

By Jag B Mahadeo

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 This poem was written to wrap up a session of training on 'Individuality' to address the ease in which children forsake their own individuality and assume the fake identity of someone else. 

The Beauty of my own Individuality
(See video here)


From a deep sleep, I awoke with a start
My mind’s eye opened and I began to see
That God’s blessings and his loving grace
Granted the beauty …. my own individuality

Among billions of other fellow human souls
Over six billion on earth to be exact
Not another like me among them all
I smiled to myself, proud of this fact

That I’m perfect in all my imperfections
And unique in my own way …. In my own right
Granted with God’s unlimited potential
Vision limited only by my self-obscured sight

My potential hampered by my own obstacles
The only speed-bump in the way, my own ego
The unending search for my own happiness
On compromising my own values, to just say no

To build and improve but not to embellish
To be my unique self, in all of my self-glory
To be proud, as one of God’s many children
To everyday live, and write my own self-story

Not to give up my own sweet individuality
Not to sacrifice my own special blessedness
Not to copy someone else’s whole character
Not to be a counterfeit, not me, not this!

The perfect-ness in His creation I realize,
My dreams I will dream, my goals I will set
Dear God this I pray, I promise that I’ll keep
My gift of unique-ness and my goals will be met.

By Jag B Mahadeo 2011


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A Wish for Change - Happy New Year

Dear Children Of God in whose hearts He Closely Dwells
And breathe Life to all organs and into all living cells
Let’s commit and pledge to live in Love and Peaceful Glory
For this Noble Goal should be the basis of all our life’s story

And in a world in which we find so much Gossip and Dislike
Where Cruelty and Hate is wielded as a bloody and painful spike
Make a daily practice full of Sweet Smiles and Tender Kindness
And not walk the Earth Mean-Spirited in Self-Induced Blindness

Let us Open our Minds and Hearts and make it Easy to Forgive
So in Peace and Love with our brothers and sisters we all live
And let Tolerance and Patience light and always guide our way
So we can delight in Calm Peace of Mind each and every day

For our Duty and Purpose of Life we must all try to fulfill
Or else every effort of this life is worth naught and nil
Then a complete re-do of this classroom will be our eventual fate
Since we keep crafting our own Karmas and own Mind-State

Let us reject all acts which cause Misery and causes Pain
For in these there is nothing Human and nothing to gain
Sons and Daughters of God we are gifted Unlimited Potential
But to understand, believe and practice this is so essential!

Forget not that we are the Children of He the Benevolent
And there is surely a purpose for which, here we were sent
So breathe not fire but Peace and Speak only Words of Love
Be that Loving Child whom our Father God, would be Proud Of

And as we travel on in time into the unknown and the New Year
Promise to build our tomorrows, not with bricks of Ignorance and Fear
But with Light, Love, Peace, Unity and all that is great each day
My Dear Brothers and Sisters A Happy New Year and Namaste


Written By Pandit Jag B. Mahadeo -
A Wish For Change - PDF Download


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 Mother Earth Song of Tears 
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My Own Obstacles of Mind

I tripped, fell and wondered who put the obstacles there
It was mid-bright and mid-dark and nothing was really clear.
My fear of stepping forward now left me buried in doubt
At Anger Master’s command,”Who did this to me?” I shout!

And the echo of my own voice returned empty in dread
Who would dare to harm me? Or may want ME dead?
Pure panic seeped in and now invaded my whole being.
Why? Who observes me now, and what are they seeing?

Breathing became hard and my pulse speedily raced
What doom, with what unknown force, am I now faced?
My thoughts turned to all of my hates and dislike,
At which of them can I lash out? Who can I strike?

My scared mind showed me images, now ran wild
Some crazy, wacky and funny things and I slowly smiled
Then with a chuckle, my mind somehow retrieved
Fearsome thoughts that was moments before conceived

Took control and after a moment of peace, conclude
The twisted conspiracy was by me internally brewed
And the obstacles that were dumped all over in my way
Which I tripped and fell over, almost every single day

Was created out of my own two friends, Doubt and Fear
And these two, I banished, now refusing to keep near
Then made friends of Love, and Peace and Inner Light
Now I see no obstacles …. My path is clear in sight.

Filled with my prayers within, the new day dawned,
Freed of the turmoil which my own mind had spawned,
My God brought forth from within, Love, Joy and Peace
And made all hate, dislike and jealousy within me cease!

Love, Peace & Unity to all!

Written By Jag B. Mahadeo

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The Hell of Living in Fear

I live in constant fear of thieves in my head
And set the alarm every night before bed
I live in fear of the rays of the sharp sun
Stay indoors or from sunlight I must run

I live in fear of birds and insects and bees
Self-imprisoned cause of pollen from the trees
Living in fear of terrible sickness and ill-health
And worry constantly of losing my precious wealth

Find myself hiding from even the threat of rains
And the fear of sickness and aches and pains
Living in fear of the soft warmth from the sun
Scared that my skin would get dark and brown

Living in fear of the brisk wind and mild breeze
And in the winter, of water puddles that freeze
I live in constant fear of near and imminent death
In every act and every experience I see a threat

I live in fear of the almighty God and of hell
And on these fears my mind forever dwell
What kind of life is it …. To live this way?
What life do I enjoy living in fear each day?

(A poem about those who live in fear) By Jag B Mahadeo

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