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The Things We Do To Appease The Gods

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The Things We Do To Appease The Gods!

The things we do to appease the Gods! The things we do to appease our God!
The sacrifices we make!
The names we give to things, places and people to remind us of God!
The trees we plant in the name of God - then we go and cut down dozens of them for selfish or financial reasons.
The monuments we build in God’s name - then we go and worship these monuments diligently for the rest of our lives.
The directions we follow from those who are supposed to be our leaders, and those who we are told, interpret ‘The Word of God’!
The rituals we do and traditions we follow!
The things we commit to, all of these in an effort to appease the Gods!
Yet how do we know when we succeed, and how do we know when we fail, and what can we do about it?

These Gods or God, which so many of us have not as yet identified, or try to understand!
Who is it that we call God?
Where is he? And what is our relationship with that God?
Some still believe that this God lives in that special place called Heaven and that he looks down upon us and checks up on us, every so often!

Many of us reverently believe that we are the sheep and he is the Shepard. So many of us see it as a slave master relationship, in which we are all the lowly slaves and he is the demanding Master! Demanding that we worship him incessantly and constantly, and if we do not, that we will suffer everlasting doom and gloom!

Many of us see God as a grantor of wishes, so we perform the sacrifices, fasting, annual religious services, Sunday worships, even sacrificing another life, and so many other questionable things. Then we expect this God to grant us our wishes.

The things we do to appease God!

So many of us dedicate a lifetime of doing, of saying, of somehow convincing ourselves that the world needs saving from the demons and the devil, and then proclaim ourselves to be that savior of the world. But, in saving the world O God, you the grantor of wishes will have to grant me my wishes.

So many of us do not understand the idea, the concept of selflessness! We do not understand the concept of ‘I AM’; the truth in that, the Divinity is already within us! That we are all children of that one God and that he already exists in every single one of us. That we are all extensions of that God!

We do not understand that God is not the grantor of wishes! But that we are the ones who are in control and will determine whether our wishes will come to fruition. We do not understand that when we do a sacrifice, that we do not do it to appease a dictator called God, but we do it to teach ourselves discipline and to awaken the God already dwelling within us!

Some of us perform our religious services for others selfishly, when it is supposed to be selfless in its entirety! It is not supposed to be a way of life! Not a service for which we get paid handsomely! But unfortunately, we now live in a world where some of the leaders of churches and charities are millionaires!

The things we do to appease the Gods!
The things we do!
The wars we fight and millions of people we kill because we refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is, but one God!
The excuses we make!
The tears we cry, and the tears we make others cry, all in the name of God!
The curses we throw at others who do worship our God or do not abide by our God’s wishes!
The egos we seek to pacify, and the terrible actions we perform to pacify that always-hungry ego!
The time and energy we expend to prove that our God is greater than another person’s God, ignoring the fact that there is but one God, known by many thousands of names.

All of these to appease our God!

But we fail to realize that we, as children of God have the inherent ability to show universal Love …. God-like love!
That we have the ability to exhibit selfless behavior …. God-like behavior!
We fail to acknowledge that we all have unlimited potential …. God-like potential!
And we refuse to understand and acknowledge that our destiny truly is in our own hands.

We are all Gods unto ourselves but yet, the things we do to appease the Gods …. someplace else!

Jag B Mahadeo

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