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  Jag B Mahadeo, Basic Author


Random Thoughts Written by Jag B Mahadeo:
(Please use material freely but we ask that you please acknowledge source/author - copy material with source/author)
Jag B Mahadeo @

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No matter how many times I repeat the Lie, 
the Rumor or the Gossip, it does not become the truth.
All I have done is helped to propagate the untruth! 

And this, is a sin!

Honor All living things as You Honor Yourself!

When every Thought is born out of Love
And every Silent Breath whispers Love
When your Every Impulse exudes Love
And every Single Action is Out of Love
Know yourself to be in Your Own Heaven on Earth
As a Member of Society, No One else has The Right to Judge You, except Yourself & Your God!
However, as One Willing to be a Leader, or One Who Assumes the Position of a Leader in Society, HAS to accept that He or She will also be Judged by Society!

I have Control over what I Say and what I Do, but I have No Control over what others Hear, See and Understand!

However, what I Say & What I Do can be said and done with Consideration, Love, Patience, and Tolerance!
While the Physical form is fallible, The soul is NOT!
Identify the true self & become truly spiritual! Yearn and Strive to Become Infallible!
If I think hate & violence …. I see hate & violence!
When I think thoughts of jealousy and desire …. I am overcome by Greed!
But when I think Kindness and Love …. I experience peace and unity!
As I awaken each Morning, and greet the world with a Prayer and a Smile, The Universe then rewards me by giving me So Much More to Smile About!

The Seed of Real, True Love has been planted deep in Every Single Beating Heart.

Our duty as His children is to carefully nurture and grow that Seed so that it blossoms into the Glorious and fulfilling, daily practice of Universal Love!
One Universe, (Infinite) One God, (by many names) One Home, (Earth) One Family! (Human) The goal is to think as one! We are created by Love, (God) for Love (having Godly qualities) and to Love (as children of God)
As children of God, we are endowed with the God-like qualites .... Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Empathy and Caring! To practice these universally to all of his creation is the Lifegoal! To reach this goal, one must first realize His presence within.
Those of us on a spiritual path MUST recognize ourselves as SPIRITUAL BEINGS and children of ONE God. Then re-calibrate our understanding of love to make the practice of UNIVERSAL LOVE our primary goal.
Our emotional poisons of hate, dislike, jealousy, greed, selfishness, fear and anger! We should NOT share them. Instead, we should seek to control and eliminate them with
The only antidote – God’s Universal Love!
When You develop the ability to closely examine me with your Spiritual Eye, you will see God within Me! (And within everything and everyone else)
In 2013, our enemies are to be vanquished are:

Ego – The arrogant and selfish
Anger – The inflictor of pains
Greed – The close friend of Ego
Ignorance – He who hates the Light of knowledge
Laziness – He who inhibits forward motion

May we succeed in our efforts to vanquish them all!

The Language and Voice of Love should never be muted, but instead, raised over the defiant whisperings of Evil, Hate & Dislike …. until their dark presence is made to disappear under Love’s blinding & glorious Light
One Measurement of the level of pureness in character;
IN our interactions and conversations with others, do we leave them feeling better about themselves and happier, at least for that moment?
Some take the search to every corner of the Earth, from Temples, Mosques, Churches and Mandirs, changing beliefs over and over in a fruitless attempt at discovering that higher power .... that one-ness with the Whole .... that Divine one, when he is closer than we realize. Search within .... Meditate.
Darkness only approaches when the light is extinguished!
Keep the light of your Love shining brightly by daily practice of Universal Love.
As a slave to my Ego, I am master of nothing.
But if I am master of my Ego, I am master of everything.
Hypocrisy – Saying I Love God, but showing hate, hurting or killing even one of his children.
Our Mother Earth …. Our beautiful home
She can be our Heaven or our Hell (our choice)
It is our spaceship on which we travel through space
But she is our Mother Earth
Let us make her our own Heaven
by practicing Universal Love
In every act, in every thought and in every word, show, think, and say loving things. This is the true nature of God’s child - You.
We are all children of God!
We are all representatives of God!
We are all Gods unto ourselves!
We are the minds that created all that we perceive!
Tomorrow, each of us will be given 24 hours.

What will we be doing with it?
How much will be wasted in sleep?
How much will pass by in ‘socializing’?
How much will be used in feeding my ego?
How many hours will I be playing online games?
And how many hours will I use to improve myself.

This is my challenge and my dilemma!
I say that I understand Forgiveness and Love, that I Forgive and Love all. Yet I remember and hold in my heart, all the perceived slights and insults from many years ago, and replay them in my head everyday, while feeling bitterness at those who have dared to insult ME! ME!

Have I forgiven? Is this forgiveness? Is this Love?
Dear God I pray, teach me true Forgiveness and teach me true Love. Help me O God to practice Universal Love for all!
In the morning are we crude and gruff?
Do we use a calm, sweet and loving voice?
With God’s gift of our musical instrument,
To do this each day it is still OUR choice!

(Practice Universal Love - Say only loving words in a loving voice)
Let us open our minds and hearts … for the potential for Universal Love exists within! – Practice that Universal Love
How many of us always feel the need to out-talk everyone else!
You did that? – I did it too and here is how!
You learned that? – I know that too!
You have that? – I already had that!
You know that? – Yes I knew that already.

We insist on talking on and on!
This is what you should do!
This is what you should say!
This is how you should behave!

How about focusing on what I need to change in myself?

The need to talk renders the ability to listen ineffective.
Listen more to learn!

Some go to such great lengths to profess our differences; to proclaim to the world how different we are!
They say – “I am Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. I am better than you! I am richer! I am smarter!
I drive a better car! I love God more! I have a better house! My God is better than yours”. I, I, I;
It is all about I! …. Instead, let us practice UNIVERSAL LOVE where we will look for no reciprocation or reward.
We become entirely selfless and we treat all of God’s creatures & humans with caring, compassion,
patience, kindness, equality and the feeling of complete oneness with them all.
When we stop seeing the differences and embrace the awesome commonality between us because we are ALL God’s children.

We are all students of Life and not judges of lives. When we feel the need to judge we should pick up a mirror, not a magnifying glass.
We are alive, thanks to Surya - the 'Sun God' - Every bit of energy in our bodies is from the sun.
And amid the awakening creatures of morn
When, by the sun-rays, the glorious day is born,
The night-blanket of darkness hastened away
‘Thank you for a new beginning Dear God’ I say.
When someone seems unreasonable and self-centered, is it because I was looking for his unreasonable-ness and his self-centered-ness?
Suppose, I had looked for his goodness (God-ness) instead?
The cactus is not a bad tree; it is just a tree with thorns.
With the right preparation of body and mind, we can hug even a cactus!
Practice Universal Love.
Prayer to our Gods on Earth, loving mothers everywhere,
Thanks for your selfless love in which the rest of us share.
May God keep all Mothers, north, south, east and west
Happy, healthy and may each of their days be blessed!
Everyone dreams their own dreams and everyone creates their own reality. But it all begins with our thoughts! Destiny truly in our own hands! Karma in action!
I must remember to tune in to the God channel.
And to do this, I must put in the effort to find the frequency at which he transmits.
My tomorrow!
Do I know what I have created inside?
Love yourself first, for you are perfection in God’s eyes. Then practice Universal Love to discover a world of peace love and unity
Everyone dreams their own dreams and everyone creates their own reality. But it all begins with our thoughts! Destiny truly in our own hands! Karma in action!

Solitude is a welcomed choice and enjoyed. Loneliness is isolation you force on yourself, and feared. Seek solitude not loneliness!

No one upsets you! Instead, you upset yourself thinking that others have done things to upset you.

Scientists say that aerodynamically it should be impossible for the bumblebee to fly. It seems that nobody said this the bumblebee. Don't let IMPOSSIBLE stop you.

We are all students of Life and not judges of lives. When we feel the need to judge we should pick up a mirror, not a magnifying glass.

We are all like separate cups of water, dipped from the same One Divine Ocean.

The potential to be the greatest Saint and Humanitarian exists within each of us, as does the potential to be the most evil, vile and loathsome, individual. It is entirely our choice.

Happiness is not only a state of mind, but it is also a choice.
We can choose to be happy, or choose to be unhappy!

I believe in God.
For those who do not believe in God, do you believe in Nature?
Do you believe in the Universe?
That is your God!
You believe in Nature and the Universe.
Our God then, is one and the same.

Universal Love:

Universal love has no expectation of reciprocation or reward. It is entirely selfless and looks for nothing in return. Universal Love is when we treat all of God’s creatures with caring, compassion, patience, kindness and the feeling of complete oneness with them all.

Convoluted but true:

We acknowledge that life is ever-changing, and that as the path is revealed, that our wisdom will grow amidst the ever-changing world, and that the only constant is the God-presence dwelling within us!

To master anything takes practice.
To be good at golf, one must practice;
To be good at rollerblading, one must practice.
Similarly, to master Universal Love, one must practice.

Leafless skeletons point countless fingers at the sky!
Long cold nights hide millions of buds cloaked tight.
But the magic of warmth .... spring sprung into action
And heavenly rains reveal joyous green blooms to sight.

Spring! Oh what a feeling!

The most awesome fact about continuously improving ourselves;
The more knowledge we acquire about different things and subjects, the better we understand what we already know, or think we do.

To allow how we feel, what we do, write and say, to be motivated by dislike or hate of another, is giving in to the shallowness within us and ungodliness around us.
Guide me instead dear God, to be motivated by pure love so that I think, say, write and do only loving things.

Today, damp, dark, rich, dirt trickle through my fingers,
Gleeful, in anticipation of that which was long denied!
Then one dahlia bulb gently stoked and covered.
Earth caressing splendid flowers hidden deep inside!

Spring! Oh what a feeling!

There is no such thing as a bad person; There are just people with bad habits. (We are all God's children and inherently 'Good')

Effective Communication - Is the right person saying the right thing to the right people, in the right way, with the right words, in the right place, at the right time.

Life is like rollerblading. If you are afraid of falling, you will never learn to rollerblade.
If you're afraid of death, you will not learn to truely enjoy life!
Jag B Mahadeo @

In every one of my experiences, there lies a lesson. To recognize the lesson and learn from it. That is my challenge!

If the learner has not learned, it is because the teacher has not taught!

Anything in life that is worthy of having, requires a measure of discipline. Love, health, wealth, family, ............... anything!

No discipline? Millions of leaves on the excuse tree. Pluck one when an excuse is needed. It never runs out!

I choose which glasses to wear through which I view the world. If I look at the world through the glasses of hate, then I see a world of conflict and hate. But when I choose to view the world through the glasses of love, I see a world full of compassion and Love
Jag B Mahadeo @

True leaders have nothing to hide, even in their private lives. What they do behind closed doors is just as exemplary as what they do in public. They indeed, lead by example
Jag B Mahadeo @

In my heart and yours, lies the seed, and the blossom of love. We only need to acknowledge the existence of both to realize them in our own lives."
Jag B Mahadeo @

Today, morning! Dew still fresh upon the grass,
Two bluebirds chased each other, lazily swooping!
Then sat nuzzling each other in the cherry tree!
Love! A beautiful sight …. I feel like I’m snooping!

Thank you for allowing me to see this Dear God!

Spring! Oh what a feeling!

Jag B Mahadeo @

Today, I saw a common demonstration of anger when man lost control of mind and mind lost control of car. Then after the incident, God was blamed!

Jag B Mahadeo @

Our children are placed into our hands for us to protect, guide and help to evolve!

To deliberately mislead any child onto a path of abuse of drugs, other immoral acts, or regression, by either coercing or just bad example, has to be considered among the lowest of human behavior.

Jag B Mahadeo @

If walking a mile burns about 100 calories, do I really need to eat this donut? I don't feel like walking 4 miles.
Mother Nature seems so angry recently. Have you wondered what we have done to upset her so?
If so, what can each of us do about it?

Jag B Mahadeo @
If we are going to expend emotional energy, why not expend the positive kind of energy? Let us all Love and not hate! Let us think good thoughts and not ‘bad’ thoughts.

Jag B Mahadeo @
With every vicious slash of the cutlass (machete)
And every destruction of land and greedy drillings
Mother Earth rushes to help re-grow and repair
But cannot save us from man’s sick hate and killings

B Mahadeo @
I cover my eyes and then complain
To the world that I cannot see!
I gossip, dislike and hate then say
That no one in the world loves me!
(when all I need to do is uncover my own eyes)

Jag B Mahadeo @
Did you know that the reason that the Native Americans lost their land to the white man, was because they did not understand the concept of ‘Land Ownership’
Whereas the ‘White man’ thought that the land belonged to them, the natives believed that they instead, belonged to the land.
Now, this really is ‘food for thought’!

Jag B Mahadeo @
Now, if God really looked upon the earth and saw what we have done to his beautiful domain, will he really want to give us another?
As someone who is passionate about Prithvi Mata and her well-being, I am having my doubts!

Jag B Mahadeo @

The emotional poison!
Ever notice how easily a little child forgives?

It makes me think that the ability/desire to forgive is inherent within us, but as we grow older we learn from society to hold on to dislike & hate. To forgive becomes ever so hard!

With this emotional poison, families become enemies and once-close friendships dissolve into messy chaos.

Jag B Mahadeo @

Maroon buds peeking shyly out, at the light
Hiding their beauty in dirt, and out of sight!
Come out now, O Glory of beautiful spring
You are my pleasure that this time of year bring.

Spring! Oh what a feeling!

 Jag B Mahadeo @


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