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On this page you will find very concise and to the point articles dealing in a wide scope of subjects about Arya Samaj, Hinduism, India and Guyana, some of which are written by Respected NYC Teacher and author, Bhai V. Biput.

Bhai Biput is also an esteemed member of the Arya Samaj USA Mandir.
Arya Samaj USA is located in Queens at 110-17 101 Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY 11419. Services are held at Mandir every Sunday beginning at 9:30 am and on special occasions. Please contact Mandir President Bhai Balram Rambrich by email at

Please feel free to grace us with your presence and receive the blessings and positive vibrations from our Satsangs and listen to beautifully sung bhajans from our awesome kirtan group led by Bhai Devindra.

The Migrating Hindus 2014 - By Bhai V. Biput - delivered on May 18th 2014

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