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A not-so-long time ago there were a collection of energetic and intellectual youths who formed the group known as the No. 64-66 Village Aryan Youth Organization based out of the No. 64-66 Arya Samaj Mandir. Even then, these children of Guyana held their heads up high when they walked and grew up in the strict discipline of the Arya Vir Dal. They were of a proud heritage and grew up strong into leaders of today in every community, organization, church, or place of employment in which their karmas have taken them. In their lives, action and body-language, they bear within them the most important part of those great teachers of the time .... their teachings.

Pandit Mahashay Raghubir


Pandit Budhram Mahadeo

Together, Pa & Ma as they were know to all, ran the school at
their house where they taught Hindi, Sanskrit and English.
All were welcomed to the daily classes for which there were 
no fees of any kind. This was the self-less way of the Pandit and his loving wife in which they gave back to their community.

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Louis Aja

Pandit Kalicharan  
Uncle Birbal  
Uncle Jika  

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