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Agnihotra (agni means fire, hotra means healing) is an ancient Hindu fire ritual. It is described in the Holy Veda, the most ancient body of texts known to mankind.

Agnihotra or as it is commonly referred to as ‘Havan’ can be of great help in solving many issues in our present day world. It brings peace to he who does it daily as recommended by Vedas or at least as much as is feasible in our busy modern lives.

The earth has become widely polluted, animals and plants are getting extinct, and humans are still constantly waging wars over petty ideologies. We, humans are the origin of all of these problems of our Mother Earth. Doing the Sandhya and Havan will not only help us in our prayers, but also help to clean the atmosphere and in some cases, even heal.

The Sandhya and Havan on this page is the shortened versions which is practiced in many Hindu Mandirs on Sundays.

Our goal in this modern age of cell-phones and other type of devices, is to make it easy for those who would like to access our prayers, bhajans and Vedic chants. We believe that our great teaching of Vedas and Hinduism should be free and always easily available. .... Pt. Jag B Mahadeo

         Sandhya & Agnihotra (Havan)        
Agnihotra (Havan) Swagat Sab Jan Aaj Mil sab

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सन्ध्य - 
Vedic Sandhya

सन्ध्योपासना विधि -  SANDHYO-PAASA-NAA VIDHIH


(Aach-manam: Sipping water as amrita, the nectar of life and asking for a life filled with happiness. 
Recite 3 times and sip water from the right palm after each recitation.)

Om shanno deveer abisthtaya
aapo bhavantu peetaye.
shanyor abhi-sravantu nah.

- Yajur Veda 36:12

 Devi swaroop eeshwar pooran abheesht keeje
yah neer ho sudhaa-mai kalyaan daan deeje
Nit riddhi siddhi barse hit ho sadaa hamaraa
behtee rahe hridai me sad-dharm prem dhaara

 "May the All-Pervading Divine Mother, the Bestower of light and happiness, 
be helpful to us in satisfying the cravings of our body and soul, 
and may She shower on us Her blessings and happiness from all around. 
May the Divine Waters be for our drink and fulfillment. 
May they continually flow from the fountain of peace all around us."


(Take water in the left palm. Using the middle & ring finger of the right hand, 
touch the water and then each part of the body after reciting the mantra) 


Om vaak vaak...............................(lips)
Om praanah praanah...................(nostrils)
Om chakshuh chakshuh..................(eyes)
Om shrotram shrotram...................(ears)
Om naabhih..................................(navel)
Om hridayam................................(heart)
Om kanthah..................................(throat)
Om shirah.....................................(head)
Om baahu-bhyaam yasho-balam....(shoulders)
Om kara-tala kara-prishthe.......(palms and their sides)

 "O Supreme One! May you inspire virtue and grace in all the limbs of my body, that I fulfill my purpose in life. 
May my speech be sweet and fulfilling. 
May my breathing provide my body with enough vital air. 
May I absorb the best influences from the outside world through my eyes and ears. 
May I exercise control in my sensual passions, and my heart possess harmonizing emotions. 
May I consume righteous and healthy food (vegetarian), and sustain pious thoughts. 
And may I use my hands only to worship You and perform good actions."


 (Take water again in the left palm. Using the middle & ring finger of the right hand, 
touch the water and then each part of the body after reciting the mantra)

 Om bhooh punaatu shirasi…………..(Forehead)
Om bhuwah punaatu netrayoh………(Eyes)
Om swah punaatu kanthe……………(Throat)
Om maha punaatu hridaye…………..(Heart)
Om janah punaatu naabhyaam………(Navel)
Om tapah punaatu punah paadayoh.(Feet)
Om satyam punaatu punah shirasi…(Head)
Om khambrahma punaatu sarvatra..(All over)

 O Great God, 
I pray that you may purify my thinking; 
Guide my power of sight; 
Keep my speech pure; 
May He purify my sensual impulses; 
May He purify my movements; 
May He purify my understanding; 
May He purify my entire personality."


 (Try to recite this mantra in one breath – recite 3 times with 3 long breaths)

 Om bhooh
Om bhuwah
Om swah
Om mahah
Om janah
Om tapah
Om satyam

I pray that I bring forth my inherent divine qualities. 
May I be dear to others (on the path of righteousness) as He is to me. 
May I relieve people of their pains, and make them happy. 
May I earn respect from others (the righteous) and be creative in my dealings. 
In being motivated to act righteously, may I be a channel for God’s Truth."


 Discovering the process of the creation of the universe, and acknowledging God as the Creator, 
Sustainer and Desolver, in an effort to decrease the tendency to commit sin.

(If reading mantras from a printout, sit with the spine straight and back upright. 
When the mantras are memorized, also sit with eyes closed. 
Breath calmly with no pauses in between breaths and chant with a comfortable un-strained voice) 

 Om ritancha sat-yanchaa bheed
dhaat-tapaso ‘dhya-jaayata.
Tato raatr-ya-jaayata
tatah samudro arnavah.

"In the beginning, the Cosmic laws were first generated to govern the order in which the universe had to be created; 
and then, the universe itself became manifest, all through the conscious Creative Will-force of God. 
After each cycle of creation, there follows a grand dissolution of all created things, resulting in darkness. 
When this prolonged period of dissolution comes to an end, new cycle of creation begins, 
with atomic particles become agitated in one big ocean-like mass."


 Om samudraad arnavaad adhi
samvatsaro ajaa-yata.
Aho-raa-traani vida-dhad
vishwasya mishato vashee.

 "The agitated, heated particles, in this cosmic ocean, combine in their own way, resulting in the formation of the stars, 
planets and other luminous bodies, and these begin to rotate in their own orbits. 
This rotation causes the concept of Time to be born. 
The Controller of this immense cosmos, as if without effort, causes this Time to be divided into day and night."


 Om sooryaa chandra-masau dhaataa
yathaa poorvam akal-payat.
Divam cha prithiveem
chaanta-rik-sham atho swah.

 "In this cycle of creation, God created the sun, moon, earth and sky, 
and all the natural elements like air, fire, and water, and all life-forms. 
These He created exactly as He did in past creations, and as He will do in future ones, too."


Acknowledging the Presence of God in all directions, and expressing gratitude for the bounties 
He provides for us in our quest for perfection.


Om praachee dig-agnir adhi-patir
asito rakshitaa dityaa ishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.

 In the eastern direction, we discover the supreme presence of Agni, 
the Lord of Light, under whose control the morning sun rises. 
He is free from limitations, and protects by sending us arrow-like rays of inspiration from His sun of Divine Wisdom. 
We acknowledge, O Radiant One, Your Rulership, Your Protection, and the blessed gift of rays that keep us away 
from the darkness of ignorance. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


Om dakshinaa dig indro ‘dhi-patis
tirash-chi-raajee rakshitaa pitara ishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti
yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.


In southern direction, we discover the supreme presence of Indra, 
the Lord Who scatters and finally destroys the dark clouds of ignorance that impede the fee functioning of our intellect. 
He possesses heavenly, infinite Glory, and protects by sending us learning through (righteous) parents and teachers on earth. 
We thank You, O Glorious One, for Your Rulership, Your Protection, and for the blessed gift of (altruistic) 
teachers who stimulate our intellect. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


Om prateechee dig varuno ‘dhi-patih
pri-daa-koo rakshitaan-na mishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.

 In the western direction, we discover the supreme presence of Varuna, the Lord worthy of our final choice and acceptance. 
He inspires into our thinking principle the inner sounds of intuition that destroy our animal tendencies. 
He protects by providing us natural and pious food. We express our gratefulness, 
O Choice-worthy One, for Your Rulership, Your Protection, and Blessed Gift of grains that provide sanctity to our mind. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


 Om udeechee dik somo ‘dhi-patih
swajo rakshitaa shanir ishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.

 In the northern direction, we discover the supreme presence of Soma, the Essence of devotional peace. 
Her Light, Peace and Beauty are all self-created in Her. 
She protects by sending arrow-like sparks of Her Natural Peace into our troubled hearts. 
We offer our appreciation, O Peaceful One, for Your Rulership, Your Protection, and 
Blessed Gift of sparks of Peace that replace tension and discontent. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


 Om dhruvaa dig Vishnu radhi-pathih
kal-maasha-greevo raakshitaa vee-ru-dha ishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.

 In the lower direction, we discover the supreme presence of Vishnu, 
the Lord Who pervades every particle of the earth on which we live. 
He creates and sustains the diversity of colors and shapes that make life interesting. 
He protects by providing trees and plants. We graciously accept, O All-Pervading One, Your Rulership, 
Your Protection, and the Blessed Gift of vegetation that neutralizes the poison of gases in the atmosphere. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


 Om oor-dhwaa dig brihas-patir adhi-patih
shwi-tro rakshitaa varsha mishavah.
Tebhyo namo ‘dhipati-bhyo
namo rakshi-tribhyo
nama ishu-bhyo nama ebhyo astu.
Yo’s maan dweshti yam vayam dwishmas
tam wo jambhe dadhmah.

- Atharva Veda 3:27:1-6

 In the upper direction, we discover the supreme presence of Brihaspati, the Lord of great powers, 
Who has produced the sun, moon and countless stars found in the skies above. 
She is Pure and Wondrous, and of golden color like the sun. She protects by sending rainfall. 
We offer our devotion, O Mighty One, for Your Rulership, Your Protection, and the 
Blessed Gift of rain that increases fertility in the earth, quenches our thirst, washes our impurity, 
and cools the fire of vice that burns our divine energy. 
O Glorious God, I lay at your divine feet all that which is beyond my control and all the negative and ill-feeling anyone may have for us.


Discovering and feeling the living presence of God within ourselves.


Om ud-vayam tama-sas pari
swah pashyanta ut-taram.
Devam devatraa sooryam
aganma jyotir ut-tamam.

-Yajur Veda 32:12

 Transcending the dazzling wonders of the world, 
and realizing the even more wondrous potentials of my own soul, 
may I come face to face with the most wondrous resplendence of God. 
He is the Sun that gives light to the sun, light to the moon and the stars.


 Om udut-yam jaatavedasam
devam vahanti ketavah.
Drishe vish-waaya sooryam.

-Yajur Veda 33:31

 All words of wisdom and all objects in the world point out God’s existence, 
so that we can see Him as we see the sun everyday. 
It is He who is the Origin of all Wisdom and is present in all created things.


 Om chitram devaanaam ud-agaad aneekam
chakshur mitrasya varunasya-agneh.
Aapraa dyaawaa pri-thi-vee antariksham
soorya aatamaa jagatas tas-thu-shash cha, swaahaa!

-Yajur Veda 7:42

In Samaadhi, in Divine Realization, I come face to face with 
God’s wondrous Light which has suddenly become manifest in my harmonized self. 
This Light is a Path-finder for any man who has given up infatuation and hate, who has chosen the path of good works, 
and who is knowledgeable. It is the same Light that pervades heaven, earth and sky. 
This Divine Sun is the In-dweller in all that moves and all which does not move. Swaahaa! Yes, indeed, this is the truth!


 Om tach chakshur devahitam
purastaach chhukram uch-charat.
Pashyema sharadah shatam.
Jeevema sharadah shatam.
Shrinu-yaama sharadah shatam
pra-bra-vaama sharadah shatam.
Adeenaah syaama sharadah shatam.
Bhooyash cha sharadah shataat.

-Yajur Veda 36:24

His is the Divine Eye that shows the way to all righteous people. 
Everywhere we turn, we find His Eye present in front of us, shedding Light, and ever watchful of our movements. 
May we live for a hundred years and in our daily life perceive His living Presence in all our actions. 
May we listen to His Glory and Majesty as described in the Knowledge He revealed, and even proclaim such Glory for all to hear. 
With God as our Guide, may we never be subjected for a hundred years, and even for more than a hundred years.


The Gaayatri Mantra, or Gur Mantra is the most sacred of all Vedic Mantras, 
and has been taught in a discipline of succession in order that we may discover the source of spiritual inspiration.

Om bhur bhuwah swah.
Tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dheemahi.
Dhiyo yo nah pracho-dayaat.

-Yajur Veda 36:3

 O Soul of Life, the Holy King of kings!
O God of all the regions, high and low,
O Lord of Joy, Whose Glory Nature sings,
Who shapes the earth and lets the mortals grow.
We seek Thy blessed Feet to meditate
Upon Thy Glorious Form of Holy Light
Which drives away the gloom of sins we hate
And makes the souls of righteous people bright.
My heart, O Father, meekly prays to Thee
To win Thy Grace, to make me good and wise,
And bless my mind with knowledge, full and free
From dark and vicious thoughts of sins and lies.

 God is Dear to me like my own breath. He is the Dispeller of my pains, and the Giver of happiness. 
I meditate on the supremely adorable Light of the Divine Creator, that it may inspire my thought and understanding.


 Surrender and Dedication to that Divine Power.

 Om he eesh-wara dayaa-nidhe!
Bhawat kripa-yaa ‘nena
jap-paa-sanaa-di karmanaa.
Dhar-maartha kaama mok-shaa-naam
Sadyah siddhir bhawen-nah

 O Lord! O Infinite Treasure of Mercy! By Your Grace, may we very soon realize Dharma (righteous living), 
Arthaa (righteous wealth), Kaama (righteous enjoyment), 
and Moksha (emancipation from the world) through our Japa (recitation of God’s Name) and 
Upaasanaa (communion with God).


 Om namah sham-bhawaaya cha
mayo bhawaaya cha
namah shanka-raaya cha
mayas-karaaya cha
namah shivaaya cha
shiva taraaya cha.

-Yajur Veda 26:42

He mangalesh shankar!mangal karo hamaaraa
Paawan prakash paa-e, para-maarth punya dwaaraa
Parijyaan paya pilaado, awa-dhar a-gaadh daanee
Teree sharan me aayaa, hai bhakta yah ‘Bhawaanee’

 And now I bow to Thee, O God of calm,
O God of Peace, and Lord of Bliss Divine!
Thy Grace supplies to burning hearts a balm,
Thy blessings in my right desires shine!

 Salutations unto You, Lord, the Embodiment and Bestower of Peace and 
Bliss! Salutations unto you, Benevolent and Auspicious One! 
Yes, indeed, I offer my salutation unto You, since 
You are more benevolent than anyone else in this immense creation.

 Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih Om

 Cosmic peace!

Spritual peace!!

Material peace!!!

 Iti Sandhyo-Paasa-Naa Vidhih

Here comes to an end the Vedic Sandhyaa


Click picture above for our Agnihotra (Havan) video


Sip water from the right palm 3 times after each mantra.

ओ३म् अमृतोपस्तणमसि स्वाहा ॥१॥

Om amrito pas-taranam-asi swaahaa.

O Divine Waters! You are the spread of eternal life.


ओ३म् अमृतापिधानमसि स्वाहा ॥२॥

Om amrita-pidhaanam-asi swaahaa.

O Divine Waters! You are the covering of eternal life.

ओ३म् सत्यं यशःश्रीर्मयिश्रीःश्त्रयतां स्वाहा ॥३॥

Om Satyam yashah shreer mayi shreeh shra-ya-taam swaahaa.

May wealth, consisting of Truth, fame and riches take refuge in me.

अथांग स्पर्श


Take water in the left palm. Using the middle and ring finger of the right hand, 
touch the water in the left palm and then touch the different parts of the body after each mantra.


ओ३म् वाङमऽआस्येऽस्तु৉१॥

Om vaang ma aasye ‘stu.................(lips)

May the speech in my mouth be sanctified in God.


ओ३म् नसोर्मे प्राणोऽस्तु॥२॥

Om nasor me praano ‘stu...........(nostrils)

May there be breath in my nostrils

ओ३म् अक्ष्णोर्में चत्क्षुरस्तु॥३॥

Om akshnor me chakshur astu.........(eyes)

May there be the sight in my eyes

ओ३म् कर्णयोर्मे श्रोत्रमस्तु॥४॥

Om karna-yor me shro-tam astu.........(ears)

May there be hearing in my ears


ओ३म् बाहोर्मे बलमस्तु॥५॥

Om baah-wor me balam astu...............(arms)

May the force in my arms be sanctified in God. 


ओ३म् ऊर्वोमऽओजोस्तु॥६॥

Om oor-wor ma ojo ‘stu.................(thighs)

May the force in my legs be sanctified in God. 
ओ३म् अरिष्टानि मेऽङाग्नि तनूस्तन्वा मे सह सन्तु॥उ॥

Om arish-taani me’ngaani tanoos tanwaa me saha santu.....(all over)

And, may my outer self be in harmony with by inner self. May my limbs be all unharmed.


Eeshvar Stuti, Praathana Aur Upaasanaa

ओ३म्। विश्वा॑नि देव सवितर्दुरि॒तानि॒ परा॑ सुव।

यद् भ॒द्रन्तन्न॒ आ सुव ॥१॥

Om Vishwaani deva savitur
duritaani paraa-suva.
Yad bhadram tan-na aasuva.

O God! O Creator of this Universe! O Radiant Cause of all manifestations! 
Do remove from us all that is difficult in our experience, and all tendencies to transgress Your Laws, 
and bring unto us all that is beautiful, benevolent and auspicious.


हि॒र॒ण्य॒गर्भः सम॑वत्-र्त॒ताग्रे॑ भूतस्य॑ जातः पति॒रेक॑

आसीत्। स दा॑धार पृथि॒वीन्ध्यामुतेमाक्ङस्मै॑

दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम।२॥ यर्ज० १३।२

Hiranya-garbhah sama-var-tataa-gre
bhootasya jaatah patir eka aaseet.
Sa daa dhaaara prithiveem dyaam ute-maam
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.

God is the Sustainer of luminous bodies and the Source of Light, and He has been 
present even before the creation of this universe. He is known to be the Sole Master of all beings. 
He sustains this earth and heaven. Unto that Blissful Divinity do we offer our 
worship with love and devotion.


य आ॑त्म॒दा ब॑ल॒दा यस्य विश्व॑

उ॒पास॑ते प्र॒शिषं॒ यस्य॒ दे॒वाः ।

यस्य॒ छा॒याऽमृतं॒ यस्य मृत्युः

कस्मै॑ दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥३॥

Ya aat-madaa bala-daa yasya vishwa
upaasate prashisham yasya devaah.
Yasya chhaayaa ‘mritam yasya mrityuh
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.

He gives us the consciousness that we are souls, and provides us with strength. 
All wise men worship Him, and they obey His commands. Under His shade 
flows the nectar of immortal bliss, and opposing Him brings us daily death. Unto that Blissful 
Divinity do we offer our worship with love and devotion.


यः प्रा॑ण॒तो नि॑मिष॒तो म॑हि॒त्वैक

इद्राजा॒ जग॑तो ब॒भूव॑ ।

य ईशे॑ऽअ॒स्य व्दिपद॒श्पढः

कस्मै॑ ढे॒वाय॒ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥४॥

Yah praana-to nimisha-to mahit-waika
id raajaa jagato babhoowa.
Ya eeshe asya dwipa-dash chatush-padah
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.

He, through His Own Glory, is the Sole King of this entire breathing and winking world. 
He controls all bipeds and quadrupeds. Unto that Blissful Divinity do we offer 
our worship with love and devotion.


येन॒ ध्यौरूग्रा पृ॑थि॒वी च॑ ढृढा

येन॒ स्वॆ॒ सतभितं येन॒ नाकः॑।

योऽअन्तरि॑क्षे कज॑सो वि॒मानः कस्मै॑

देवाय॑ हविषा॑ विधेम ॥५॥

Yena dyaur-ugraa prithivee cha dridhaa
yena swah stabhitam yena naakah.
Yo antarikshe rajaso vimaanah
kasmai devaaya havishaa vidhema.

He steadied the thunderous heaven and the solid earth, and confers happiness free from all sorrow. 
He created the planets with bird-like movement, and caused them to revolve in space. Unto that 
Blissful Divinity do we offer our worship with love and devotion.


प्रजा॑पते॒ न त्वढेतान्य॒न्यो विश्वा॑

जा॒तानि परि॒ ता व॑भूव।

यत्का॑मास्ते जुहुमस्तन्नो॑ऽअस्तु व॒यं

स्या॑म॒ पत॑यो रयीणाम् ॥६॥

Prajaa-pate! Na twad etaan-yanyo
vishwaa jaataani pari taa babhoowa.
Yat kaamaas-te juhumas tan-no astu
vayam syaama patayo rayeenaam.

O prajaapati! O Master of this entire creation! No-one, except You, can control the creatures of this 
visible, and other invisible worlds. May those desires, for which we come to Your Shelter, 
be fulfilled. May we be 
masters of earthly and heavenly riches.


सनो॒ बन्धरजनिता स विधा॒ता

धामा॑नि वे॒द भुव॑नानि॒ विश्वा॑।

यत्र॑ देवा अ॒मृत॑मानशा॒नास्तृतीये॒

धाम॑न्न॒ध्यैर॑यन्त ॥७॥

Sano bandhur janitaa sa vidhaataa
dhaamaani veda bhuwa-naani vishwaa.
Yatra devaa amritam aa-na-shaanaas
triteeye dhaaman a-dhyair-ayanta.

He alone, O men, is our Brother, Creator and Law-Giver. He knows all names, regions and beginning events. 
In Him are 
the liberated souls, moving about at their own free will and enjoying the essence of eternal life, 
sustained in the 
third state of consciousness.


अग्ने॒ नय सु॒पथा॑ रायेऽअस्मान्

विश्वा॑नि देव व॒युना॑नि वि॒द्वान् ।

युयो॒ध्य स्मज्जु॒हुरा॒णमेनो॒

भूयि॑ष्ठान्ते॒ नम॑ऽउक्तिंविधेम ॥८॥

Agne! Naya su-pathaa raaye asmaan
vishwaani deva vayunaani vidwaan.
Yuyo-dhyas-maj juhuraanam eno
bhooyish-thaan te nama uktim vidhema.

O Agni! lead us on the right path to the wealth of liberation, for You know all pathways 
leading in that direction. Remove from us all sins that lead us astray. 
Again and again we offer You words of salutation and praise.

Svasti Vaachanam


ओ३म् अ॒ग्निनमी॑ळे पु॒रोहि॑तं यज्ञ॒स्य॑ दे॒वम्रत्विज॑म्।

होता॑रं रत्न॒धात॑मम् ॥१॥ 

Om agni meede purohitam
yajyasya deva-mrit-wijam.
Hotaaram ratna-dhaatamam.

We praise Agni .We praise Him Who has been present even before this creation. 
He is the Glorious Lord of this Cosmic Sacrifice, and is 
worthy of our worship in all seasons. 
We praise Him Who is the Creator 
and Supreme Sustainer of all the jewel-like planets 
that decorate the cosmic Drama.


स नः॑ पि॒तेव॑ सूनवेऽग्न॑ सूपाय॒नो भ॑व।

सच॑स्वा नः स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१॥

Om sa nah piteva soonave
agne soopaa-yano bhava.
Sachas-waa nah swastaye.

Come to us, sweetly and readily, O Agni as a father comes unto his son. 
Unite us, Lord, with Yourself and with the bounties of this world for swasti.


स्व॒त्ति नो॑ मिमीताम॒श्वना॒ भगः॑

स्व॒त्ति देव्यदि॑तिरन॒र्वणः॑ ।

स्व॒स्वित पूषा असु॑रो दधातु नः

स्व॒स्ति ध्यावा॑पृथिवी सुचे॒तुना॑ ॥३॥

Om swasti no mimeetaam-ashwinaa bhagah
swasti dev-yaditir anar-vanah.
Swasti pooshaa asuro dadhaatu nah
swasti dyaawaa prithivee suche-tunaa.

May all dual forces measure swasti for us. May our fortune and wealth bring us swasti. 
May the Earth, goddess and unhurting as she is, yield swasti for us. May the clouds that provide us life 
through rain-fall sustain swasti for us, 
and may the sun and all the planets, filled with knowledge, confer swasti unto us.


स्व॒स्तये॑ वा॒युमुपं सोमं॑

स्वस्सि भुव॑नस्य यस्पतिः॑।

बृह॒स्पतिं॒ सर्स॑गणं स्व॒स्तये॑ त्वस्तय॑

आदित्यासो॑ भवन्तु नः ॥४॥

Om swastaye vaayu-mupa bravaa-mahai
somam swasti bhuwa-nasya yas patih.
Brihaspatim sarvaganam swastaye
swastaya aadit-yaaso bhawantu nah.

Let us, in our search for an elevated existence, explore the qualities of air, and even of the moon
that influences operations on earth. We call upon the Teacher of wisdom,
surrounded by his eager students, to teach us for swasti, and may 
those men who are benefactors of all mankind help in achieving this elevated existence.


विश्वे॑ दे॒वा नो॑ अ॒ध्या स्वस्तये॑

वैश्वान॒रो वसु॑र॒ग्निः स्स्वतये॑।

देवा अ॑वन्त्वभवः॑ स्वस्ति

स्वस्ति नो॑ रू॒द्रः पा॒त्वंह॑सः ॥५॥

Om vishwe devaa no adyaa swastaye
vaish-waa-naro vasu-ragnih swastaye.
Devaa avantu ribhawah swastaye
swasti no rudrah paat-wam-hasah.

Let all wise men instruct us today for swasti. Let fire, present everywhere, and benefiting all 
creatures be for our facility and comfort. Let all forces that bring light to the world, 
protect us while we acquires this comfort, and let the system of social justice protect us 
from wrong-doing, yielding swasti for us.


स्वस्ति मि॑त्रावरूणा स्व॒स्ति प॑थ्ये रेवति।

स्व॒स्ति न॒ इन्द्र॑श्चा॒ग्निश्च॑

स्वस्ति नो॑ अदिते कृधि ॥६॥

Om swasti mitraa varunaa
swasti pathye revati.
Swasti na indrash chaag-nish cha
swasti no adite kridhi.

Mother Earth! May you cause us to walk on the path of individual enrichment while 
we make use of hydrogen and oxygen, and electricity and fire.


स्व॒स्ति पन्था॒मनु॑ सुर्साचन्द्र॒मसा॑विव।

पुन॒र्दद॒ताध्न॑ता जान॒ता

सं ग॑मेहि ॥७॥

Om swasti panthaam anucharema
sooryaa chandra-masaa viva.
Punar dada-taagh-nataa
jaana-taa sanga-memahi.

Let us all follow the path of swasti like the sun and moon. Let us be in the company of those who 
give of what they have, who never 
hurt the feelings of others, except when it is for one’s own 
good, and who know much of God and His Wisdom.

All Swasti Vachanam Mantras


Shaanti Karanam


ओ३म् शं न॑ इन्द्रा॒ग्नी भ॑वता॒मवो॑भिः॒

शं न॒ इन्द्रा॒वरी॑णा रा॒ह॑व्या।

शमिन्द्रा॒सोमा॑ सुविताय शं योः शं न॒

इन्द्रा॑पू॒षणा॒ वाज॑सातौ॥१॥

Shanna indraagni bhawa-taam avobhih
shanna indraa varunaa raata-havyaa.
Shamindraa somaa su-vi-taaya shamyoh
shanna indraa poosha-naa vaaja-saatau.

May the Supreme One, possessed of Radiant Light, give us peace with His protective powers. 
May the Supreme One, possessed of Choiceworthiness, bountiful in gifts, bring us peace. 
May the Supreme One and His Devotion create tranquility in us. 
And, may the Supreme One and His Nourishment grant us harmony in the battle of life.


शं नां॒ भगः॒ शमु॑ नः॒ शंसो॑ अस्तु॒

शं नः॒ पुर॑न्धिः॒ शमु॑ सन्धु॒ राय॑।

शं नः॑ सत्यस्य॑ सु॒यम॑स्य शंसः॒ शं नो॑

अर्य॒मा पु॑रूजा॒तो अ॑स्तु॥२॥

Shanno bhagah shamu nah shanso astu
shannah puran-dhih shamu santu raayah.
Shannah satyasya su-yamasya shansah
shanno aryamaa puru-jaato astu.

May our fortune yield us peace; may the observance of law and order in society bring us peace. 
May economic prosperity that sustains citizenship confer peace. 
May our practice of truth and self-discipline generate peace, and may the soul, 
who performs actions and is born again and again, progress in peace.


शं नो॑ धा॒ता शमु॒ ध॒र्ता नो॑ अस्तु॒

शं न॑ उरू॒ची भ॑वत स्व॒धाभिः॑।

शंरोद॑सी बृह॒ती शं नो॒ अद्रः॒ शं नो॑

देवानं॑ सु॒हवा॑नि सन्तु॥३॥

Shanno dhaataa shamu dhartaa no astu
shanna u-roo-chee bhawatu swa-dhaabhih.
Sham rodasee brihatee shanno adrih
shanno dewaanaam suha-waani santu.

May air and sunlight be peacefully supportive of life. 
May the spacious earth, with its life-sustaining grains, produce peace in us. 
May the extensive sky, containing 
mountain-shaped masses of clouds, rain down peace, 
and may
our invocations of Nature’s bounties be chanted in peace.


शं नो॑ अ॒ग्निज्र्योति॑रनीको अस्तु॒

शं नो॑ मि॒त्रावमू॑णाव॒श्विना॒ शम्।

शं नो॑ सु॒कृतां॑ सुकृतानि॑ सन्तु॒ शं न॑

इपि॒रो अभि वा॑तु॒ वानः॑॥४॥

Shanno agnir jyotir aneeko astu
shanno mitraa varunaa vash-vinaa sham.
Shannah sukritaam sukritaani santu
shanna ishiro abhi vaatu vaatah.

May fire, whose force is light, bring us peace. 
hydrogen and oxygen,, and all other dual forces, generate peace. 
May the actions of righteous people create an atmosphere 
of peace, 
and may the refreshing winds blow peace on u


शं नो॒ ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वि पुर्वहू॑तौ॒

शम॒न्तरि॑क्षं दृ॒शये॑ नो अम्तु।

शं न॒ ओष॑धीर्व॒निनो॑ भवन्तु॒ शं नो॒

रज॑स॒स्पति॑रस्तु जिप्णुः॥४॥

Shanno dyaavaa prithivee poorva-hootau
sham anta-riksham drishaye no astu.
Shanna osha-dheer vanino bhawantu
shanno rajasas patirastu jishnuh.

May light and darkness inspire peace at the time of dawn when we make our first invocations, 
and may the sky be 
there for us to look at, to expand our vision. 
May medicinal 
herbs and forest trees contribute to health and a peaceful surrounding. 
And may the sun that victoriously rules over the 
planetary system be for our peace.


शं न॒ इन्द्रो॒ वसु॑भिदे॒वो अस्तु॒

शमा॑दि॒त्येभि॒र्वरू॑णः सु॒शंसः॑।

शं नो॑ रू॒द्र रू॒द्रे॒भि॒र्जलाषः॒ शं न॒स्त्वष्टा॒

ग्नाभि॑रि॒ह श्रृ॑णोतु॥६॥

Shanna indro vasu-bhir devo astu
sham aaditye-bhir varunah su-shansah.
Shanno rudro rudre-bhir jalaashah
shannas twash-taag-naa-bhi-riha shri-notu.

May electricity, the cosmic force acting in conjunction with the eight Vasus that keep the universe inhabited, 
send forth peace to us. May the twelve months that make up the year give us peace. 
May the soul that is made 
comfortable in the body by the presence of the vital airs traverse the pathways of the world in peace. 
And, may the 
discriminating scholar, with his words of inspiration, motivate us to listen for peace.


शं नः॒ सोमो॑ भवसु॒ ब्रह्म॒ शं नः॒

शंनो॒ ग्रावाण॒ शमु॑ सन्तु य॒यज्ञः।

शं नः॒ स्वरू॑णां मितयो॑ भोवन्तु॒ शं नः॑

प्रस्वहः शमव॑स्तु वेदिः॑॥७॥

Shannah somo bhavatu brahma shannah
shanno graa-vaa-nah shamu santu yaj-yaah.
Shannah swaroo-naam mitayo bhawantu
shannah praswah praswah sham vastu vedih.

May the devotion and prayer that we generate in our ceremonies bring us supreme peace. 
May the ceremonies 
themselves, and everything associated with them – 
ceremonial altars, the stones used to build them, the measurements of the pillars in the 
ceremonial halls, and 
the well-grown herbs offered onto the blazing ceremonial fires – all yield peace unto us.

All Shanti Karanam Mantras


शिवसंकल्प मन्त्र
Shiva Sankalpa Mantra

ओ३म् यज्जाग्र॑तो दू॒रदैति॒ दैव॒न्तदु॒
सु॒प्तस्य॒ तथैवै॒ति॑ ।
दू॒र॒ङ्ग॒मञ्ज्योति॑षा॒ ज्योति॒रेक॒न्तन्मे॒
मनेः॑ शिवसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥३॥

Om Yaj jaagrato dooram udaiti daivam
tadu suptasya tathai-vaiti.
Doo-ranga-mam jyotishaam jyoti-rekam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

That, my mind which is ever-wakeful, and that is always active and covers distances even in sleep! 
All my actions results from those thoughts which emanates from my mind. 
This mind which if only I can control will bring me that elusive peace! 
I pray O God that may that, my mind be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

ओ३म् येन॒ कर्म॑ण्य॒पसो॑ मनी॒षिणो॑
य॒ज्ञे कृ॒ण्वान्ति॑ वि॒दते॑षु॒ धीराः॑ ।
यद॑पूं॒र्व य॒क्षम॒न्तः प्र॒जाना॒न्तन्मे॒
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥४॥

Om Yena karmaan-yapaso manee-shino
yaj-ye krinvanti vida-the-shu dheeraah.
Yada-poorvam yak-sham antah prajaa-naam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

That mind, with the help of which wise people perform sacred deeds in sacrifices, 
and patient people enter in to the battlefield of life, that which is the unique, mysterious light
hidden in the innermost recess of our hear, may that my mind be
filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.
ओ३म् यत्प्रज्ञानमु॒त चेसो धृति॑श्च॒
यज्ज्योति॑र॒मृत॑म्प्रजासु॑ ।
यस्मा॒न्न ऋ॒ते किञ्च॒न कर्म॑ क्रि॒यते॒
तन्मे॒ मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥५॥

Om Yat praj-yaanam uta cheto dhritish cha
yaj-jyotir antar amritam prajaasu.
Yasmaan na rite kin-chana karma kriyate
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

The mind which is consciousness in itself, which is awareness,
that which is patience, and sustenance and memory, that which is
the amritaa jyotee, the deathless light, hidden in the
hearts of all created beings, that without which no action 
can be performed, may that my mind be filled with beautiful 
and benevolent thoughts.

ओ३म् येने॒दम्भू॒तं भुव॑नम्भवि॒ष्यतप-
रि॑गृहीतम॒मृते॑न॒ सर्व॑म् । 
येन॑ यज्ञस्तायते॑ स॒प्तहो॑ता॒ तन्मे॒
मनेः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥६॥

Om Yene-dam bhootam bhuwa-nam bhavish-yat
pari-gri-heetam amritena sarvam.
Yena yaj-yas taayate sapta hotaa
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

That deathless light by which is sustained all this past,
present and future, that by which the sacrifice that has seven
priests in extended and spread, may that my mind be filled with
beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

ओ३म् यस्मि॒न्नृचः॒ साम॒ यजू॑म्षि यस्मि॒न्प्र-
ति॑ष्ठिता रथना॒भावि॑वा॒राः ।
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्ती ॥७॥

Om Yasminn richah saama yajoomshi
yasmin pratish-thi-taa ratha-naa-bhaa-vi-vaa-raah.
Yas-minsh-chittam sarva-motam prajaa-naam
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

That mind in which is sustained the knowledge of the Rigveda,
the music of the Saamaveda, and the sacred deeds of the Yajur,
like the spokes in the hub of a wheel, that in which is woven 
and interwoven all consciousness of all beings, may that my mind
be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.
ओ३म् सु॒षा॒र॒थिरश्वा॑निव॒ यन्म॑नुष्या-
न्नेनी॒यते॒ऽभीशुर्वाजिन॑ इव ।
हृत्प्रति॑ष्ठं यद॑जि॒रं जवि॑रं तन्मे॒
मनः॑ शि॒वसं॑कल्पमस्तु ॥८॥

Om Su-shaa-rathir ash-waan iva yan manushyaan
ne-nee-yate bhee-shu-bhir vaa-jina iva.
Hrit pra-tish-tham yada-jiram javish-tham
tan-me manah shiva-sankalpam astu.

That mind which ever leads men like an expert charioteer
controlling the reins of his horses, that which is heart-abiding,
ever moving and the speediest of all forces, may that my mind 
be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.
ओ३म् स नः पवस्व शं गवे शं
जनाय शमर्वते । शं 
राजन्नोषधिभ्यः ॥२६॥

Om Sa nah pawas-wa shanga-ve
sham janaaya sha-mar-vate.
Sham raajan-nosha-dhee-bhyah.

Bring peace to the world of animals with our flow, O King, and peace to the world of human beings, too. 
Peace, indeed, to the world of trees and plants.
ओ३म् अभ॑यं नः करत्य॒न्तरि॑क्षमभ॑यं॒
ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वी उ॒भे इ॒मै ।
अभ॑यं प॒श्चाभ॑यं पुरस्ता॑दुत्त-
रादष॑यं नो अस्तु ॥२७॥

Om Abhayan-nah karat-yanta-riksham
abhayam dyaawaa prithivee ubhe ime.
Abhayam pash-chaad abhayam puras-taad
utta-raad adha-raad abhayam no astu.

May the sky cause us no fear, no fear from both heaven and earth. 
No fear from behind, nor from in front. 
Let there be fearlessness from above and from below
ओ३म् अभ॑यं मि॒त्रादभ॑यम॒मित्रा॒दभ॑यं
ज्ञा॒तादभ॑यं परोक्षा॑त् ।
अभ॑यं॒ नक्त॒मभ॑यं॒ दिवा॑ नः॒ सर्रव॒ आशा
मम॑ मि॒त्र भ॑वन्तु ॥२८॥

Abhayam mitraad abhayama mitraad
abhayam jyaa-taad abhayam parok-shaat.
Abhayam naktam abhayam divaa nah
sarvaa aashaa mama mitram bhawantu.

No fear from the friend, nor from the enemy. No fear from the known, nor from the unknown. 
No fear in the night, nor in the day. May we be friends unto all directions, and may 
all directions be friendly unto us.


Agne Aadhaan

ओम् भूर्भुवःस्व 

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.

Kindle the Sacred Fire here

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वर्ध्यौरि॑व भू॒म्ना
पृ॑थि॒वीव॑ वरि॒म्णा। तस्या॑स्ते
पृथिवि देवयजनि पृष्ठे॒ऽ

Om bhoor bhuwah swar dyau-riva bhoomnaa
prithi-veeva varimaa.
Tasyaas-te prithivi deva-yajani!
Prish-the’gni mannaa da-mannaa dyaayaa dadhe.

Kindling this fire that pervades earth, sky and heaven, I pray that I become broad in vision like heaven, 
and richly abundant like earth. O Earth, many sages in ancient times, seated on your
surface, perfeormed this sacrifice. Today, I place this food- consuming fire ont this very surface of yours. 
May I acquire wholesome food.

Place the Flames into the Kunda now

ओ३म् उद् वृ॑ध्यस्वाग्ने॒ प्रति॑जागृहि॒
त्मि॑ष्टापू॒त्र्ते समँ सृ॑जेथाम॒यं।
अस्मिन्त्स॒धस्थेऽअध्युत्त॑रस्मिन् विश्वे॑ देवा॒
यज॑मानश्च सिदत॥

Om ud-budhyas-waagne prati-jaagrihi
twam ishtaa poorte sam-srije-thaam ayan cha.
Asmiint sa-dhasthe adhyut-tarasmin
vishwe devaa yaja-maanash cha seedata.

Be awakened, O Divine Fire, and watch over my life. May both
you and this sacrificer, together, accomplish earthly and heavenly deeds. 
In this life, and in future lives too, may all wise men and
the sacrificer be seated together for this noble performance.

Fan the Fire during (if necessary), Causing it to Rise

समिद् आधान
Samid Aadhaana

Offering three Samidhaas (Pieces of Sacrificial Fuel)
ओ३म् अयन्त आत्मा जातवेदस्तेनेध्यस्व
वध्र्दस्व चेध्द वर्धय चास्मान् प्रजया 
पशुभिर्ब्रह्मवर्चसेनान्नाध्येन सरेधय स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे-इदन्न मम॥१॥

Om ayanta idhama aatamaa
jaata-vedas tene-dhyaswa ched-dha
vardhaya chaas-maan praja-yaa
pashu-bhir brahma-varchase naan-naa-dyena
samedhaya swaaha.
Idam agnaye, jaate vedase, idanna mama.

O Jaata-vedas Agni! O Divine Fire present in all creation! This, my body, is a fuel offered unto You. 
Be kindled with this fuel, and make us shine in our lives. 
Become enhanced and make us go forward, enriching us with noble offspring, comfort in life, 
proper food, and with the brilliance of Divine Knowledge. 
This offering is made from the depth of my own soul unto Jaata-vedas Agni; this is no more mine.

Instructions: Offer the first Samidhaa here
ओ३म् स॒मिधा॒ग्निं दु॑वस्यत
घृ॒तैर्बोधय॒ताति॑थिम्। आस्मि॑न् ह॒व्या
जु॑होतन॒ स्वाहा॑॥ इदमग्नये-इदन्न मम॥

Om samidhaagnim duwasyata
ghritair bodhaya taa-ti-thim.
Aasmin havyaa juho-tana swaaha.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.

Serve Agni with well-kindled powers and awaken that Guest with the essence of your personality. 
In this physical fire, make your offerings to God and the cosmic forces.

ओ३म् सुस॑मिध्दाय शो॒चिपे॑ घृतं ती॒व्रं
जु॑होतन। अग्नये॑ जा॒तवे॑दसे॑ स्वाहा॑।
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे - इदन्न मम ॥

Om su-samid-dhaaya sho-chi-she
ghritam teevram juhotana
Agnaye jaata-vedase swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, jaata-vedase, idanna mama.

Unto this well-kindled, blazing fire, unto this Jaata-vedas Agni,
offer the supremely purified essence of your personality. 
This is truthfully unot Jaata-vedas Agni, and no more mine.

Instructions: Here offer the second Samidhaa here
ओ३म् तन्त्वा॑ स॒मिद्भि॑रग्हिरो घृतेन॑
वध्र्दयामसि। बृहच्छो॑चा यविष्ठ्य॒
स्वाहा॑॥ इदमग्नयेऽग्हिरहे
- इदन्न मम

 Om tan-twaa samid-bhir-angiro 
gritena vadha-yaamasi 
Brihach chho-chaa ya-vish-thya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye angirase, idanna mama.

We enhance you with sacrificial kindling and our purified essence,
O Angiras. Blaze forth in brilliance, and vigorously burn out
the impurity in this my body, offered for purification. This my 
body-offering is truthfully unto Angiras Agni; it is no more mine.

Instructions: Offer the third Samidhaa here

पंच घृताहुति


Five Ghee Oblations with this mantra below

ओ३म् अयन्त आत्मा जातवेदस्तेनेध्यस्व
वध्र्दस्व चेध्द वर्धय चास्मान् प्रजया 
पशुभिर्ब्रह्मवर्चसेनान्नाध्येन सरेधय स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नये जातवेदसे-इदन्न मम॥१॥

Om ayanta idhama aatamaa
jaata-vedas tene-dhyaswa ched-dha
vardhaya chaas-maan praja-yaa
pashu-bhir brahma-varchase naan-naa-dyena
samedhaya swaaha.
Idam agnaye, jaate vedase, idanna mama.

O Jaata-vedas Agni! O Divine Fire present in all creation! 
This, my body, is a fuel offered unto You. Be kindled with this fuel, and
make us shine in our lives. Become enhanced and make us go forward, 
enriching us with noble offspring, comfort in life, proper food, and with the 
brilliance of Divine Knowledge. This offering is made from the depth of my 
own soul unto Jaata-vedas Agni; this is no more mine.




Sanctifying the Four Directions

As we pour water in the eastern direction we pray that O God, whenever we venture in the eastern direction, 
may we be guided by you. We pray the same as we pour in the other directions and when we encircle the kunda with the water 
we pray that O God, in which ever direction in this universe we go, bless us, 
guide us and lead us onto that path of righteousness so that we can attain Moksha from our difficulties and eternally.
ओ३म् अदितेऽनुमन्यस्व ॥

Om adite ‘nu-man-yaswa.

O Aditi! consent unto my life.

Pour water to the East
ओ३म् अनुमतेऽनुमन्यस्व ॥

Om anumate ‘nu-man-yaswa.

O Anumati! consent unto my life.

Pour water to the West
ओ३म् सरस्वत्यनुमन्यस्व ॥

Om Saraswat-yanu-man-yaswa.

O Saraswati! consent onto my life.

(Pour water to the North)
ओ३म् देव॑ सवितः॒ प्रसु॑व य॒ज्ञं प्रसु॑व
यज्ञप॑तिं॒ भगा॑य। दि॒व्यो ग॑न्ध॒र्वः के॑त॒पूः
केतं॑ नः पुनातु वाचस्पति॒र्वाचं॑ 
नः स्दतु

Om deva savitah! prasuva yajyam prasuva yajya-patim bhagaaya. Divyo gandharwah keta-pooh ketan-nah punaatu
vaachas-patir vaachan-nah swa-da-tu.

O Deva Savitar! inspire my life of sacrifice onward, and inspire me,
the sacrificer, to attain fortune. The Divine waters sustain my body and wash 
my thought clean of impurity. May these waters, indeed, purify my thought and 
understanding. And may the Lord of Speech sweeten the words that I utter.

Encircle the kunda 3 times in clockwise direction ending in the southern direction


(Four Ghee Oblations)

Instructions: Offer ghee into the fire as directed
ओ३म् अग्नये स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om agnaaye swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.

Unto Agni, the force of cosmic strength, is this offering
truthfully made. Nothing is mine.

To the north edge of the fire
ओ३म् सोमाय स्वाहा ॥
इदं सोमाय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om somaaya swaahaa.
Idam somaaya, idanna mama.

Unto Soma, the force of cosmic harmony, is this offering
truthfully made. Nothing is mine.

To the south edge of the fire
ओ३म् प्रजापतये स्वाहा ॥
इदं प्रजापतये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om prajaa-pataye swaahaa
Idam prajaa-pataye, idanna mama.

Unto Prjapati, the force of cosmic creation, is this
offering truthfully made. Nothing is mine.

In the Center
ओ३म् इन्द्राय स्वाहा ॥
इदमिन्द्राय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om indraaya swaahaa.
Idam indraaya, idanna mama.

Unto Indra, the force of cosmic control, is this 
offering truthfully made. Nothing is mine.

In the Center

प्रातः कालाहुति

Praatah Kaal Aahuti
(Morning Ghee-Saamagree Oblations)

If doing only one Havan service for the day, use both morning and evening mantras
ओ३म् सूर्यो॒ ज्योति॒ज्र्योतिः॒
सुर्यः॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥

Om sooryo jyotir jyotih sooryah swaahaa.

The Divine Sun possesses Light, and this Light shines in the rising sun.

ओ३म् सूर्यो॒ वर्चो॒ ज्योति॒र्वर्चः
स्वाहा॑ ॥

Om sooryo varcho jyotir varchah swaahaa.

The Divine possesses Splendor, and this Splendor shines in the rising sun. 

ओ३म् च्योतिः॒ सूर्यः॒ सूर्यो ज्योतिः॒
स्वाहा॑ ॥

Om jyothih sooryah sooryo jyothih swaahaa.

Light resides in the Divine Sun, and the rising sun reflects this Light.

ओ३म् स॒जूर्दे॒वेन॑ सवि॒त्रा
सजूरू॒षसेन्द्र॑वत्या। जु॒षाणः
सूर्यो वेतु॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥

Om sajoor devena savitraa
Jushaanah sooryo vetu swaahaa.

The Divine Sun is in harmony with the rising sun and the 
brilliant dawn. May this beloved Divine Sun be realized in me.

प्रणान होम सायंकालाहुति

Pradhaana Homa–Saayang Kaal Aahuti
(Evening Ghee-Saamagree Oblations)

ओ३म् अ॒ग्निर्वर्चो॒
ज्योति॒र्वर्चः॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥२॥

Om agnir jyotir jyotir agnih swaahaa.

The Divine Fire possesses Light, and this Light shines in the earthly fire that we kindle at night. 

ओ३म् अगनि॒च्र्योति॒-
ज्र्योति॑र॒ग्निः स्वाहा॑ ॥२॥

Om agnir varcho jyotir varchaah swaahaa.

The Divine Fire possesses Splendor, and this Splendor shines in the earthly fire. 

ओ३म् अ॒ग्निच्र्योति॒-
च्र्योर॒ग्निः स्वाहा॑ ॥३॥

Om agnir jyotir jyotir agnih swaahaa. (Silent offering)

The Light shines in the earthly fire is the Light that belongs to the Divine Fire.

ओ३म् स॒चुर्वे॒देन॑ सवि॒त्रा
स॒जु रात्र्येन्द्र॑त्या । चुषा॒णो
ऽअ॒ग्निर्वेतु सवाहा॑ ।४॥

Om sajoor devena savitraa
Jushaanah agnir vetu swaahaa

The Divine Fire is in harmony with the setting sun and with the moon –lit night. 
May this beloved Divine Fire be realized in me.


प्रात सायमाहुति

Praatah Saayam Aahuti
(Morning and Evening Oblations of Ghee and Saamagree)

ओ३म् भूरग्नये प्राणाय स्वाहा।
इदमग्नये प्राणाय-इदन्न मम ॥१॥

Om bhoo-rag-naye praanaaya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye praanaaya, idanna mama.

Unto the earthly fire that acts like breath to energize all creatures, do I make this truthful offering.

ओ३म् भुवर्वायवेऽपानाय स्वाहा ॥
इदमादित्याय व्यानाय-इदन्न मम ॥२॥

Om bhuwar-waaya-ve ‘paanaa-ya swaahaa.
Idam vaaya-ve ‘paanaa-ya, idanna mama.

Unto the atmospheric wind that cools the surrounding
and removes the uneasiness by providing fresh air, do I make this truthful offering.

ओ३म् स्वरादित्याय व्यानाय
स्वाहा ॥
व्यानाय - इदन्न यय ॥३॥

Om swar-aadit-yaaya vyaanaa-ya swaahaa.
Idam aadit-yaaya vyaanaa-ya, idanna mama.

Unto the heavenly sun that makes the world happy by giving light, 
and causing rain to fall and grains to ripen, do I make this truthful offering.

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः स्वरग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
प्राणापानव्यानेभ्यः स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः प्रणापा-
नव्यानेभ्यः - इदन्न मम ॥४॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swaragni vaay-va-ditye-bhyah
praana-paana vyaane-bhyah swaahaa.
Idam agni vaay-vaa-ditye-bhyah
praanaa-paana vyaane-bhyah, idanna mama.

Unto earth, sky and heaven, and unto the corresponding fire, air and sun, 
with their functions of energizing, removing pains and making the world happy, do I make this truthful offering.

ओ३म् आपो ज्योति रसोऽमृतं
ब्रह्म भूर्भुवः स्वरों स्वाहा ॥५॥

Om aapo jyotee raso ‘mritam brahma
bhoor bhuwah swar-om swaahaa.

In the performance of this sacrifice, I have sought to discover the secrets surrounding they have all been
truthfully described in this sacrifice. May they all become known to me.

ओ३म् यां मे॒धां दे॑वग॒णाः
तया॒ माम॒ध्य मे॒धयाऽग्ने॑
मे॒धावि॑नं कुरू॒ स्वाहा ॥६॥

Om yaam medhaam deva-ganaah
pitarash cho-paa-sate.
Tayaa maa-madya medhayaag-ne
medhaa-vinam kuru swaahaa.

O Radiant Lord of Knowledge! Make me knowledgeable today with that
same knowledge which the company of learned men and fathers of
wisdom strive to attain, so that I may indeed know You and the world.

ओ३म् विश्वा॑नि दे
सवितम्दुरि॒तानि॒ परा॒ सुव ।
यद् भ॒द्रन्तन्न॒ आ सु॑व॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥

Om vishwaani deva savitar
duritaani paraa-suva.
Yad bhadram tan-na aasuva swaaha.

Take away from my mind, Radiant Creator, all tendencies to transgress Your Laws, bring unto me, 
instead, all this is beautiful, benevolent and auspicious.

ओ३म् अग्ने॒ नय सु॒पथा॑ रा॒ऽअ॒स्मान्
विश्वा॑नि देव व॒युना॑नि विध्दान्।
यु॒यो॒ध्य स्मज्जु॑हुरा॒णमेनो॒ भूयि॑ष्ठान्ते॒
नम॑ऽउकिंत विधेम ॥७॥

Om agne naya su-pathaa raaye asmaan
vishwaani deva vayu-nani vidwaan.
Yuyo-dyas-maj juhuraanam eno
bhooyish-thaan te nama uktim vidhema swaahaa.

O Radiant Lord of Light! Lead me unto the right path that I may attain the wealth of liberation, 
for You know all the pathways that lead in that direction. Separate sin from me,
for it only leads me astray. Again and again, I offer you words of salutations and praise.


Poornaahuti Roop Aaghaaraav-Aajyabhaag Aahuti 
(Four Oblations of Ghee)

ओ३म् अग्नये सवाहा ॥
इदमगनये - इदन्न मम

Om agnaye swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.

Offer onto the fire, to the North

ओ३म् सोमाय सवाहा ॥
इदं सोमाय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om somaaya swaahaa.
Idam somaaya, idanna mama.

Offer onto the fire, to the South

ओ३म् प्रचापतये सवाहा ॥
इदं प्रजापतये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om prajaapataye swaahaa.
Idam prajaapataye, idanna mama.

Offer onto the fire, in the Center
ओ३म् इन्द्राय स्वाहा ॥
इदमिन्द्राय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om indraaya swaahaa.
Isam indraaya, idanna mama.

Offer onto the fire, in the Center

व्याहृति आहुति

Vyaahriti Aahuti

Oblations of Ghee
ओ३म् भूरग्नये सवाहा ॥
इदमग्नये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om bhoor agnaye swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, idanna mama.
ओ३म् भुवर्वायवे स्वाहा ॥
इदं वायवे - इदन्न मम ॥

Om bhuwar vaayave swaahaa.
Idam vaaayave, idanna mama.
ओ३म् स्वरादित्याय स्वाहा ॥
इदमादित्याय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om swar aadityaaya swaahaa.
Idam aadityaaya, idanna mama.
ओ३म् भूर्भुवः सवरग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
स्वाहा ॥ इदमग्निवाय्वादित्येभ्यः
इदन्न मम ॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swaragni vaayvaa-dityebhyah swaahaa.
Idam agni vaayvaa-dityebhyah, idanna mama.

स्विष्टकृत् आहुति

Swishta-Krit Aahuti

Oblation with Bhaat cooked grains

O God we thank you for having provided us with sustenance, with food and energy. 
We ask O God that any of our fellow souls in this universe not go hungry. 
We offer this ahuti in reverence to thee and ask thee to help any who are less fortunate to find their own sustenance in this life.

ओ३म् यदस्य कर्मणोऽत्यरीरिचं यद्वा
न्यूनमिहाकरम्। अग्निष्टत् स्विष्टकृद्
विध्यात् सर्वं स्विष्टं सुहुतं करोतु मे।
अग्नये स्विष्टकृते सुहुतहुते
सर्वप्रायश्चित्ताहुतिनां कामानां
समर्ध्दयित्रे सर्वान्नः कामान्त्समर्ध्दय
स्वाहा॥ इदमग्न&ये स्विष्टकृते - इदन्न मम॥

Om yad asya karmano ‘tyaree-richam
yad waa nyoonam ihaa karam.
Agnish tat swishta-krid vidyaat
sarvam swish-tam su-hutam karotu me.
Agnaye swishta-krite su-huta-hute
kaamaa-naam samar-dhayi-tre
sarvaan nah kamaant samar-dhyaya swaahaa.
Idam agnaye, swishta-krite, idanna mama.

Agni, the All-knowing One, fully knows whatever is excessive or lacking in my performance of this sacrifice. 
May He, the Fulfiller, fulfill my sacrifice by harmonizing it with my intent and making it well-performed. 
I beseech Him to make me successful in all that I desire.
I address this prayer to Him Who fulfills all offerings and makes them well-performed, 
Who accepts all confession and repentance, and Who grants success in all righteous wishes. 
All this is unto Agni, the Fulfiller; nothing is mine.


प्राजापत्य आहुति

Praa-Jaa-Patya Aahuti
Silent Oblation to Prajaapati with Ghee and Samaagree

ओ३म् प्राजापतये स्वाहा ॥
इदं प्राजापये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om prajaa-pata-ye swaahaa.

Unto Prajapati, the Silent Witness to the drama
of this Universe is this offering made. Nothing is mine.

पवमान आहुति

Pava-Maani Aahuti
Oblations for Purification and Enlightenment
ओ३म् भूर्भुवः स्वः ।
अग्न॒ आयूं॑षि पवस॒ आ
सु॒वोर्जमिषं॑ च नः ॥
आ॒रे बा॑धस्व दु॒च्छुनां॒ स्वाहा॑ ॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agna aayoomshi pawasa
aa-suvor jamisham cha nah.
Aare baadhas-wa duch-chhu-naam swaahaa.
Idam agnaye pwa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.

O Agni! Purify and lengthen our lives and send down
food and energy. Drive misfortune far away from us.

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । अग्निर्ऋषिः॒
पव॑मानः पाञ्च॑जन्यः पु॒रोहि॑तः ॥
तमि॑महे महाग॒यं स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agnir rishih pawa-maanah
paancha-janyah purohitah.
Tamee-mahe mahaa-gayam swaaha.
Idam agnaye pawa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.

Agni sees through our lives with penetrating vision and takes away impurities. 
He is the Benefactor of all five classes of human beings in society. 
He occupies supreme importance in all undertakings. To him, whose glory is widely
proclaimed, to do we offer our supplications.

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ । अन्ने पव॑स्व
स्वपा॑ अ॒स्मे वर्वः॑ सुविर्य॑म्॥
दध॑द्र॒यिं मयि॒ पोषं॒ स्वाहा॑॥
इदमग्नये पवमानाय - इदन्न मम ॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Agne pawas-wa swa-paa
asme varchah su-veeryam.
Dadhad rayim mayi posham swaahaa.
Idam agnaye pawa-maanaa-ya, idanna mama.

Agni, Performer of benevolent deeds! Pour forth on us the brilliance of Divine Knowledge and heroic vigor.
Grant us wealth that nourishes.

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑। प्रजा॑पते न त्वदे॒तान्य॒न्यो
विश्वा॑ जातानि॒ परि ता ब॑भूव।
यतका॑मास्ते जुहु॒मस्तन्नो॑ अस्तु
व॒यं सया॑म पत॑यो मयि॒णां ॥
इदं प्रापतये - इदन्न मम ॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
prajaa-pate! Na twad etaan-yanyo
vishwaa jaataani pari taa bahoowa
Yat kaamaas-te juhumas tan-no astu
vayam syaama patayo rayeenaam swaahaa.
idam prajaa-pataye, idanna mama.

O Prajaapati, Master of all creatures! No-one, other than You, comprehends the creatures of this visiblem
and other invisible worlds. Grant us our heart’s desire,
for which we invoke You, and bless us to be masters of riches.

अश्टाज्य आहुति

Asht Aajya Aahuti
Eight Oblations for Auspiciousness
 ओ३म् त्वं नो॑ऽअग्ने॒ वरूं॑णस्य वि॒व्दान्
दे॒वस्य॒ हेळोऽ व॑ यासिसीश्ठाः।
यजि॑ष्ठो॒ वह्नितमः॒ शोशु॑चानो॒ विश्वा॒
व्देषां॑सि प्र मु॑मुग्ध्य॒स्मत् स्वाहा॑।
इदमग्नीवरूणाभ्याम् - इदन्न मम ॥१॥

Om twan-no agne varunasya vidwaan 
devasya hedo ‘vayaa-si-seesh-thaah. 
Yajish-tho vahni-tamah shoshu-chaano 
vishwaa dweshaan-si pra-mumug-dhyas-mat swaaha.
Idam agnee-varunaa-bhyaam, idanna mama.

Agni, the Knowledgeable One! Drive away from us the tendency to show disrespect to any 
accomplished scholar in society. Supremely worshipped in our sacrifices, supreme
in carrying our burdens, and supreme in brilliance, may you 
separate all forces of hatred from us.

 ओ३म् स त्वं नो॑ अग्नेऽव॒मोभ॑वो॒ति
नेदि॑ष्ठोऽअ॒स्या उ॒षसो॒ व्यु॑ष्टौ।
अव॑ यकयष्व नो॒ वरूणं॒ ररा॑णो वी॒हि
मृ॑ळि॒कं सु॒हवो॑ न एधि॒ स्वाहा॥
इदमग्नीवरूणभ्याम् - इदन्न मम ॥२॥

Om sa twan-no agne ‘vamo bhawo-tee 
nedish-tho asyaa ushaso vyush-tau 
Ava yak-shwa no varunam ra-raano 
veehi mrideekam shuhawao na edhi swaahaa.
Idam agnee-varunaa-bhyaam, idanna mama.

Agni, at this hour of the break of dawn, be close and nearest in offering help. 
In granting us knowledge, destroy all binding influences, promote our
peaceful nature, and be ready to respond to our call for help.

 ओ३म् डमं मे॑ वरूण श्रुधी॒
हव॑म॒ध्या च॑ मृळय।
तवाम॑व॒स्युरा च॑के॒ स्वाहा ॥
इदं॑ वरूणाय - इदन्न मम ॥३॥

Om imam me varuna shrudi 
havyam adyaa cha mridaya. 
Twaam awasyu-raacha-ke swaahaa.
Idam varunaaya, idanna mama.

Choiceworthy Varuna!hear this call of mine and be gracious today. Longing for your mercy do I call upon you.

 ओ३म् तत्त्वा॑ यामि॒ ब्रह्म॑णा वन्द॑मान॒स्तदा
शा॑स्ते॒ यज॑मानो हविर्भिः।
अहे॑ळमानो वरूणे॒ह बोध्युरू॑शंस॒
मा न॒ आयुः प्र मो॑षीः॒ सवाहा॑॥
इदं वरूणाय - इदन्न मम ॥४॥

Om tat-twaa yaami brahmanaa vanda-maanas 
tad aashaas-te yajamaano havir-bhih. 
Aheda-maano varu-neha bo-dhyu-ru-shansa maa na
aayuh pra-mo-sheeh swaahaa.
Idam varunaaya, idanna mama.

I set my hope for the elevated life that a devoted person prays for with sacrificial offerings, 
and so I approach you, God, praising you with Vedic verses. Extensively praised by
thoughtful minds, O Varuna, may you not disregard may call for help, but grant me, 
here and now, the wisdom I seek. While using that wisdom, let not my life be unexpectedly cut short.

 ओ३म् ये ते शतं वरूण ये सहस्रं
यज्ञियाः पाशा वितता महान्तः।
तेभिर्नोऽअध्य सवितोत वष्णुर्विश्वे
मुञ्चन्तु मरूतः स्वर्काः स्वाहाः॥
इदं वरूणाय सवित्रे विष्णवे विश्वेभ्यो
देवेभ्यो मरूभ्दध्यः स्वर्केभ्यः इदन्न मम॥

Om ye te shatam varuna ye sahas-ram yaj-yi-yaah
paashaah vita-taa mahaantah.
Tebhir no adya savi-tota vishnur
mun-chantu marutah swar-kaah swaahaa. 
Idam varunaaya savitre vishnave vishwe-bhyo
devebhyo marud-bhyah swarke-bhyah, idanna mama.

Varuna! hundreds and thousands of Your gresat Laws, that relate to our life, are extended 
across this vast creation, and made to exercise their influence. O Omnipresent
Impeller, and O enlightened men who teach us not to cry, we 
pray that through these laws, you may all help us to gain emancipation from the world.

 ओ३म् अयाश्चाग्नेऽस्यनभिशस्ति-
पाश्च सत्यमित्त्वमया असि।
अया नो यज्ञं वहास्यया
नो धेहि भेषजँ स्वाहा ॥
इदमग्नये अयसे - इदन्न मम ॥६॥

Om ayaash chaagne ‘syana-bhi
shasti-paash cha
satyam-it twam ayaa asi. 
Ayaa no yajyam vahaas-ya-yaa no
dhehi bhesha-jam swaaha.
Idam agnaye ayase, idanna mama.

I declare truthfully, Agni, You are indeed found everywhere, and are the Protector of those free from sin.
Carry our sacrifice to a successful end and sustain cure for our transgressions.

 ओ३म् उदु॑त्त॒मं पाश॑मस्म॒-
दवा॑ध॒मं वि म॑ध्य॒मं श्र॑थाय।
अथा॑ व॒यमा॑दित्य व्र॒ते तवाना॑-
गसो॒ अदि॑तये स्याम॒ ह्वाहा॑॥
इदं वरूणायाऽऽदित्या-
याऽदितये च - इदन्न मम ॥७॥

Om ud-ut tamam varuna paasham-asmad avaa-dhamam
vi madhaya-mam shra-thaaya.
Athaa vayam aaditya vrate tavaa-naa-gaso
adita-ye syaama swaahaa.
Idam varu-naayaa ‘dit-yaayaa ‘dita-ye cha, idanna mama.

Varuna! loosen the bonds that bind me - bonds of upper, middle and lower levels – so that we, O 
Imperishable One, may be sinless in Your Laws, and become worthy for the realm of Eternal Life.

 ओ३म् भ॑वतन्नः॒ सम॑नसौ॒ सचे॑तसावरे॒पसौ॑।
मा य॒ज्ञँ सिष्टं॒ हज्ञप॑ति॑
जातवेदसौ शि॒वौ भ॑वतम॒ध्य नः॒
स्वाहा॑॥ इदं जातवेदोभ्याम्-इदन्न मम॥८॥

Om bhawatan-nah sa-manasau sa-cheta-saa vare-pasau. 
Maa yajyam him sish-tam maa yajyapatim jaataveda-sau 
shivau bhawatam adya nah swaahaa.
Idam jaata-vedo-bhyaam, idanna mama.

O married couple! May both of you be for us of the same thought and knowledge, and sinless. 
May you both never cause harm to either the tradition of sacrifice or to the good name of sacrificers. 
May both of you be for us, today, possessors of much wealth, that you can show us grace and benevolence.

Mantra for elevated thinking

Om Stuta maya varada vedamata
 Pracho dayantam pavamani dvijanam.
 Ayuh pranam prajam pasum kirtim
 dravinan brahmawarcasam
Mahyam dattwa vrajata brahmalokam swaahaa

 We pray to You O Lord, Veda-mata, Mother of Vedas. You have given us yet another human birth.
Help us O God to resist bad thoughts, bad words and bad deeds.
Guide me O Lord to be motivated to read and apply the knowledge of the Vedas in my life!

Mantras for Family Blessings

 Om Anu-vratah pituh putro
Maatraa bhavatu sam-manah.
Jaayaa pat-ye madhuma-tim
Vaacham vadatu shan-tivaam swaahaa

O Supreme merciful God, we the members of this family, are gathered here to offer our heartfelt prayers.
We pray that you grant us wisdom and understanding so that our mutual love and affection always grow.
May there be complete absence of dislike and hatred. May harmony prevail among all the members of this family!
May the interaction between the members of this family and others be full of justice, love, patience and understanding!
May all the members of this family be polite, respectable, loving and may all always behave in a courteous and truthfully manner.

 Om maa Bhraataa bhraataram dwikshan
Ma swasaaram uta swasaa
Samyanchah sa-vrataa bhootwaa
Vaacham vadata bhadrayaa swaahaa

 O Children of the family! Let no ‘Bhraataa – brother’ hate his brother (or sister).
Let no sister ‘maa dvikshat – may not hate’ hate her own sister (or brother).
May you ‘bhadrayaa – in gentle terms, with harmony and sweetness, Vaacham – speech’ speak and act with harmony and sweetness.
Completely united and following the same goals, ‘savrataah – with one accord’ speak words to each other in a pleasant and loving manner.

Mantra for Good Health

Om Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim
pushti-vardhanam urvarukam
iva bandhanan
mrtyor mukshi mamrtat swaahaa

O Sustainer of the three worlds, and destroyer of illness and supporter of all living and non-living!
In the same way as a ripe fruit gets its release from its vine, so free us from disease and give us immortal life.
We worship The Three-Eyed Lord Shiva who is naturally fragrant, immensely merciful and who is the Protector of the devotees.
Worshipping him may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk
i.e. O God, By your Grace, Let me be in the state of salvation (Moksha) and be saved from the clutches of fearful death and calamities”.

 Mantra for Auspicious Life

 Om bhadram karnebhih shrinuyama deva
bhadram pashyema-akshabhir-yajatrah
Sthirai-rangais tushtuvamsa-stanubhir
vyashema devahitam yadayuh swahaa

 O Gods, may we hear with ‘karnebhih – with ears’ what is auspicious ‘Bhadram – good (words), truth’.
May we ‘pashyema – see’ with ‘akshabhi – with eyes’ what is auspicious.
While praising the Gods with perfect health may we enjoy a life that is beneficial to ourselves and to others.
O Gods! Let us hear promising things from our ears. O respectful Gods!
Let us see propitious things from our eyes, let our organs and body be stable, healthy and strong.
Let us do what is pleasing to gods in the life span allotted to us.

Namaskar Mantra

Om namah sham-bhawaaya cha
Mayo bhawaaya cha
namah shanka-raaya cha
mayas-karaaya cha
namah shivaaya cha
shiva taraaya cha swahaa.

 He mangalesh shankar!mangal karo hamaaraa 
Paawan prakash paa-e, para-maarth punya dwaaraa
Parijyaan paya pilaado, awa-dhar a-gaadh daanee
Teree sharan me aayaa, hai bhakta yah ‘Bhawaanee’


And now I bow to Thee, O God of calm,
O God of Peace, and Lord of Bliss Divine!
Thy Grace supplies to burning hearts a balm,
Thy blessings in my right desires shine! 

ब्रह्म गायत्रि हावित्रि गुरू मन्त्र

Atha Brahma Gayatri Saavitri Guru Mantra 
(3 times)Oblation with Ghee and Saamagree

ओ३म् । भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः । तत्स॑वि॒तुर्वरे॑ण्यं॒
भर्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि ।
धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त् ॥६॥
Om bhoor bhuwah swah. Tat savitur varenyam Bhargo devasya dheemahi.
Dhiyo yo nah pracho-dayaat swaahaa.

Tu ne hamen utpanna kiya. 
Paalan kar rahaa hai tu. 
Tujh se hee paate praana ham. 
Dukhi yon ke kashta hartaa hai tu.

Tera mahaan teja hai,
chhaaya hua sabhi sthan. 
Srishti ki vastu vastu mein
tu ho rahaa vidya maan.

Teraa hi dharte dhyaana ham, 
Maangte hain teri dayaa 
Ishvara hamaari budhi ko, 
Sreshtha maarga par chalaa.

O Soul of Life, the Holy King of kings! 
O God of all the regions, high and low, 
O Lord of Joy, Whose Glory Nature sings, 
Who shapes the earth and lets the mortals grow. 
We seek Thy blessed Feet to meditate 
Upon Thy Glorious Form of Holy Light 
Which drives away the gloom of sins we hate 
And makes the souls of righteous people bright. 
My heart, O Father, meekly prays to Thee 
To win Thy Grace, to make me good and wise, 
And bless my mind with knowledge, full and free
From dark and vicious thoughts of sins and lies.


Final Oblation for Completion
Instructions: Chant thrice, each time offering the remaining Ghee and Saamagree

ओ३म् सर्वं वै पूर्णम् स्वाहा ॥

Om Sarvam vai poornagvam swahaa.

ओ३म् सर्वं वै पूर्णम् स्वाहा ॥

Om Sarvam vai poornagvam swahaa.

ओ३म् सर्वं वै पूर्णम् स्वाहा ॥

Om Sarvam vai poornagvam swahaa.

All is perfect; all is complete. Indeed, all is final; all
is complete. May the perfection and completeness of this
ancient Vedic ritual become a part of my personality.

मुख स्पर्श

Atha Mukha Sparshah

With out-stretched palms facing the holy fire, chant each of the following mantras and pass heated palms lightly over your face:


ओ३म् तनूपा अग्नेऽसि तन्वं पाहि॥

Om tanoopaa agne asi tanwam me paahi

ओ३म् आयुर्दा अग्नेऽस्हायुर्मे देहि॥

Om aayur-daa agne asi aayur me dehi

ओ३म् वचर्चोदा अग्नेऽसि वर्चो मे देहि॥

Om varcho-daa agne asi varcho me dehi

ओ३म् अग्नेयन्मे तन्वा ऊनं तन्म आपृण॥

Om agne yan-me tanwaa oonam tan-ma aa-prina

ओ३म् मेधं मे देवः सविता आदधातु॥

Om medhaam me devah savitaa aa-da-dhaatu

ओ३म् मेधां मे देवि सरस्वति आदधातु॥

Om medhaam me devee saraswatee aa-da-dhaatu

ओ३म् मेधां मे अश्विनौ देवावाधत्तां पुष्करस्रजौ॥

Om medhaam me ashvi-nau devaa-vaa dhattaam push-karas-rajau


Agni! You are the Protector of the human body – we ask that you protect my body. 
O God, you are the Giver of long life-give unto me a long and healthy life. 
O God, you are the Source of brilliance - let your brilliance radiate on my face and purify my mind. 
O God, help me to resolve any deficiency I have in my personality and sustain the kind of divine intellect in me,
that I become one of pure and noble character.


अथांग स्पर्श

Atha Anga Sparshah

With both palms, touch the body-limbs indicated.


ओ३म् वाक् च म आष्यायताम्॥

Om vaak cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Lips)

ओ३म् प्रणश्च म आप्यायताम्।

Om praa-nash cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Nostrils)

ओ३म् चक्षुश्च म आप्यायताम्

Om chak-shush cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Eyes)

ओ३म् श्रोत्रञ्यायताम् म आप्यायताम्॥

Om shro-tram cha ma aapyaa-ya-taam. (Ears)

ओ३म् यशो बलञ्च म आप्यायताम्॥

Om yasho-balam cha ma aa-pyaa-ya-taam. (Shoulders)


Let my speech bring forth righteous thoughts. 
Let my breathing, seeing, and hearing be of noble things. 
Let my arms and strength be used to serve a righteous purpose and bring me happiness.
Om Sarve bhavantu sukhina; 
Sarve santu niramayah; 
sarve bhadrani pasyantu;
Ma kascit dukha bhagbhavet!

He eesh sab sukhee ho, ko-ee na ho dukhaa ree
Sab ho nirog bhagavan, dhan dhaanya ke bhandaa-ree
Sab bhadra bhaav dekhe, san maarg ke pathik ho
Dukhiyaa na ko-I howe, srishti me praan-dhaaree



The Song of Rishi Vaama-deva.

 ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑। कया नश्चित्र

आ भुवदूति सदावृधः सखा।

कया शचिष्ठया वृता ॥१॥

      Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
kayaa nash chitra aa-bhuwad
ootee sadaa-vridhah sakhaa
Kayaa shachish-thayaa vritaa.

 God resides in our mind, causing us to steadily progress. 
Through what kind of help would He become our Friend? Answer: 
Through His Presence that will make us most powerfully happy.

ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । कस्त्वा सत्यो

मदानां मँ सिष्ठो मत्सदन्धसः।

टृढा चिदारूजे वसु ॥२॥

Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Kas twaa satyo madaanaam
mang hish-tho matsad andhasah.
Dridhaa chid aaruje vasu.

 Among the delightful things of this world, what will make you genuinely and abundantly happy? 
Answer: The 
power of that comes from devotion, that would help us snap asunder the heaviest of chains 
which keep us bound to ignorance.

 ओ३म् भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः॑ । अभी षु णः

सरवीनामविता जरितृणाम्।

शतं भवास्यूतये ॥३॥ 

 Om bhoor bhuwah swah.
Abhee shu nah sakheenaam
avitaa jari-treenaam.
Shatam bhawaas-yoo-taye.

We seek to be your devotees who sing your praises.
Be our supreme protector and help us in all ways.


Poojneeya Prabhu (Prayer)

Poojneeya prabho hamaare bhaava ujjwal keejiye,
Chhor deve chhal-kapat ko, maansik bal deejiye. 

Veda kee gaave richaaye, satya ko dhaaran kare,
Harsh me ho magn saare, shhok saagar se tare. 

Ashvamedhaadik rachaaye, yajna par-upkaar ko,
Dharm maryaadaa chalaakar, laabha de sansaar ko. 

Nitya shraddhaa bhakti se yajnaadi ham karte rahe
Rog peerit vishva ke santaap sab harte rahe. 

Bhaavanaa mit jaave man se, paap atyaachaar kee
Kaamanaaye poorna hove, yajna se nar-naar kee. 

  Laabhakaari ho havan, har jeevadhaaree keliye
Vaayu jai sarvatra ho, shubh gandh ko dhaaran kiye. 

Svaartha-bhaav mite hamaaraa, prem path vistaar ho
Idanna mama kaa saarthak, pratyek me vyavhaar ho. 

Haath jor jhukaaye mastak, vandanaa ham kar rahe
Naath karunaa roop karunaa, aapkee sab par rahe.


Venerable Lord, make our intentions clear so that we may be free from deception; give us mental strenght. 
May we chant the Vedic hymns and uphold truth, Let all be immersed in joy and cross beyond the sea of grief.
May we arrange Vedic yajnas to bring about the well-being of all. Lit within the boundaries of righteousness, may we be of benefit to the woe. 
Regularly may we perform yajnas with faith and devotion? May the disease-afflicted world be free from all sorrows?
Let our mind be free from the sins of lust and atrocity. Let the desires of men and women be filled through self sacrifice. 
May our sacrifice be beneficial to all living organisms? May the wind and water everywhere maintain sweet odour. 
May our selfish intentions be wiped away and the path of love be extena Let unselfish and useful attitudes prevail in all our dealings. 
With folded hands and bowed heads we pay obeisance to Thee. Let Thy Lordly form of compassion prevail on us all.

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Om sam-sa-mid-yuvase vrishann-agne 
Vishvaani-arya aa  
Hiras pade samidyase
sa no vasoon-yaa bhara

O God, he who fulfills desires, you are the creator and master of the universe and you grant knowledge. 
We thank thee for the gift of life, knowledge & guidance. 
We pray that you lead us unto the moral & righteous path and bless us with prosperity. 
We ask you to shower us with the knowledge of Love as you Love O Lord.

Om sam-ga-chadvam
sam vadad-vam
sam vo manaamsi jaanataam. 
Devaa bhaagam yathaa poorve
sam-jaananaa upaasate

O man, love & be united together. 
Let your minds have the same thoughts to help each other to follow the path of righteousness
Do your moral duties exemplified by your Gurus and enlightened ones.

Om samaano mantrah samitih samaanee,
samaanam manah saha chittam-eshaam. 
Samaanam mantram-abhi mantra-yevah,
samaanena vo havishaa juhomi.

O Man let the object of your thoughts be one and the same. 
Let your thoughts lead to common goals and let your hearts be united in Love.

Om samaanee va aapootih, 
samaanaa hridayaani vah. 
Samanam-astu vo mano,
yathaa vah susa-haa-sati.

O Man, let your hearts be equal in feeling and let your minds be united together so that there can be a common bond of Love for all. 
You have the capacity to love as I love O Man. You are my children and you have unlimited potential. 
Use the intelligence which I have given to each of you to love each other and live in happiness O Man.
Aarti Bhajan

Om jai jagdeesh hare, swamee jai jagdeesh hare 
Bhakt jano ke sankat jan me door kare.
Jo dhyaave phal pave dukh vinshe mankaa

Sukh sampati ghar aave kasht mite tan kaa
 Maat pitaa tum mere sharan gahoo kiskee
Tum bin aur na doojaa aas karoo jiskee.
 Tum pooran paramaatamaa tum antaryaamee.
Paar-brahma parameshvar tum sabke svaame.
 Tum karunaa ke saagar tum paalankartaa.
Mai sewak tum swaamee, kripaa karo bhartaa.
 Tum ho ek agochar sab ke praan-pati
Kis vidhi miloo dayaamai tum ko mai kumtee
 Deen-bandhu sukh-hartaa tum rakshak mere
Karunaa hast barhaa-o dvaar paraa tere.
 Vishai vikaar mitaa-o paap haro devaa
Shraddhaa bhakti barhaa-o santan kee sevaa.

Om jai jagdeesh hare, swamee jai jagdeesh hare 


Bhakt jano ke sankat jan me door kare.


Shaantih Paath

Om dyauh shaanti-ranta-riksham shaantih 
prithivee shaanti-raapah shaanti 
rosha-dhayah shaantih. 
Vanas-patayah shaantir
vishwe devaah shaantir.
Brahma shaantih sarvam shaantih 
shaanti-reva shaantih saa maa shanti–redhi
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May there be peace in the heavenly regions!
May there be peace in the atmosphere!
May peace reign on earth!
May the waters be soothing and may the medicinal herbs be healing!
May the plants be the source of peace to all!
May all enlightened persons bring peace to us!
May the Vedas spread peace throughout!
May all other objects bring peace to us!
May peace bring even more peace!
And may that peace come to us forever!


Meal Time Mantra

ओम् अन्न॑प॒तेऽन्न॑स्य नो

देहिऽनमी॒वस्य॑ शु॒ष्मिणः॑।

प्रप्र॑ दा॒तारं॑ तारिष॒ ऊर्ज॑

नो धेहि व्दि॒पदे॒ चतु॑ष्पदे॥

Om annapate annasyano dehi
Ana-mee-wash-ya shushminah.
Pra pra daataaram taarisha
Oorjan no dhehi dwipade cha-tushpade.

O Lord of Grains! We pray that you give us grains to eat that are healthy and nutritious. 
May You take him across the ocean of this 
world who makes a gift of grains to someone else in need.
Let all bipeds and quadrupeds consuming grains be filled with energy.

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Swaagat Sab Jan
 (Welcome prayer)

Swaagat sab jan isa mandir ho, bhakti swaati kee dhaar
Sundar sumadhur gaan hamaaro ranjan sab nar naar.

 O lord, may all your children be welcomed to this temple of worship to share in the sweetness of devotion. 
May our sweet singing and prayers inspire the minds of all those who are present in this temple of our home.

 Eesha sagun nirgun avinaashee maat pitaa aru yaar
Tor bhaye ham vatsa sadaa hee taar hame sansaar

  The lord is possessed of infinite and great qualities. 
He is our mother, brother & friend. 
We are his loving children and may we be granted liberation from evil and suffering.

 Arya-Samaj namaste bhaave veda prakaash lakhaar
Khand pakhandaa hot lakhaave jnaan jagat ugiyaar

  The Arya Samaj says Namaste as a form of salutation 
and advocates the light of knowledge of the Vedas and 
fights against all forms of superstitions and false knowledge.

 Bhed kubhaavan door bhagaave aaya yahaa par pyaar
Dev dayaanand prem viveke vishva rahe ik taar

 May all dislike and hate disappear and may Godly love flow instead among us all. 
May the whole universe be in unity and love as preached and propagated by Maharishi Dayananda.

 Teertha bhayaa yah got lagaave punya yahaa parasaar
Sangati santan nem chalaave shobhan sab vyavahaar

 Let us all set forth into this spiritual journey to 
find our peace of mind and stay in the company of the righteous and learned 
so that we can fulfill our purpose of life.

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Aaj Mil Sab Geet Gaao (Thanks to God)

Aaj mil sab geet gaa-o us prabhu ke dhanyawaad

Jiskaa yash nit gaate hai gandharva gunijan dhanyawaad


Let us all now come together to sing and express our thanks 
unto that Lord of whose glory and fame all noble and righteous men always sing.

Mandiro me kandaro me parvato ke shikhar par

Date hai lagaataar sow-sow baar muniwar dhanyawaad


In temples, in caves, and even high on the peaks of mountains, 
all the sages repeatedly express their gratitude to the great God.

 Karte hai jangal me mangal paksheegan har shaakh par
Paate hai aanand mil gaate hai swar bhar dhanyawaad

  Perched on branchs of the trees even the birds are happy in the forests. 
Together, in full sweet voices, they sing their thanks unto the Lord, 
and in so doing try to achieve supreme peace and happiness.

 Koop me taalaab me sindhoo kee gehree dhaar me
Pram ras me tript ho karte hai jaichar dhanyawaad

  In ponds and in lakes, and in the great depths of all the rivers, 
the aquatic creatures sing their praises and thanks to God in deep satisfaction and love.

 Shaadiyo me jalsayo me yajya par utsav ke aad
Meethe swar se chaahlye kare naari nar sab dhanyawaad

  Us as children of God should, should express our gratitude 
to the Lord with our sweetly intoned voices at all weddings, fairs and all religious congregations.

 Gaan kar Ameechand bhajanaa nand eeshwar kee stuti
Dhyaan dhar sunte hai shrotaa kaan dhar dhar dhanyawaad

 Those trained in singing and music! 
Together let us sing the joy-giving praises of God. 
Devotees in this gathering are listening attentively.

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