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Poem - Out! Out! Out I Say


Out! Out! Out I Say - Poem
Out! Out! Out I Say - Poem
Peering through the layers of fog,
Into the mirror of my mind
The little storm has become a raging tempest.
Violent, destructive, and quite unkind!
Emotions stirred and tossed and turned.
Unseen tears....angry, turbulent rivers!
Outward peace and calmness only betrayed
By shaky voice from lips that quivered.


I shall not be the helpless driftwood
At the mercy of every passing ripple
I shall not be the cotton-ball cloud
At the whim of ever-changing winds
I shall not be the broken-hearted lover.
Loving genuine love....but still unloved.
And I shall not be the dancing puppet
At the end of a set of moving strings

No! It shall not be!
So now, you hear this!

Out! Out! Out I say!
You are not welcomed in my mind today.
I cannot entertain you, so get out of my mind.
You are no good for me....and not too kind.

You are just an addiction to which I was bound.
Now I resist, but still see your shadows all around.
Please take all my thoughts of you when you go,
And make it a bit easier for me to say no.

With all my time I shall do better things,
And not suffer the pains your presence brings.
No longer shall I shed tears for your sake.
This mistake again and again, I shall not make.

Step through my mind's door and I shall push you out.
You and all your troubles, I can do without.
I shall close my door and not open at your knock.
To you, my heart and will....Shall be a rock.

So, you keep your damned bottle and your pill.
As of today, me, you shall not kill.
So! Out! Out! Out I say!
You are not welcomed in my mind today.

Jag B Mahadeo - Taken from 'The Heart of The Sun'


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