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Growing up in Guyana in the 1970’s was a time of fear, yet of fun and excitement. The type of close-knit society, time, and atmosphere has long since disappeared and have been replaced by the new and different, and one could only sincerely regret its disappearance. Even though the political instability of the time led to much frustration and unique challenges which was highlighted by the banning of basic imported foods, the country setting in this Corentyne area was of fun, creativity, and freedom. 
Coupled with the excitement of the chess games between the major political parties, the non-stop activities in which my father kept us engaged and the creativity spurred by the total lack of any indoor time-stealers of the modern age, growing up at the time was interesting and lively.

As one of five children of
Pandit Budhram Mahadeo and his wife Rajkumaree Mahadeo, we were blessed to be born to two of the most esteemed, philosophical, religious, and spiritual, yet practical  teachers. Our father was also our hero. Our education and character were greatly enhanced by witnessing his persistent struggles against the dictatorship of the time and his commitment and dedication in his fight for the rights of his fellow man and serving his community.
Our mother unselfishly dedicated her entire life to her husband, their children and her community. She has always been the inspiration and driving force behind her family. She has always been the perfect daughter, sister, wife and a mother not just to her own family, but to the entire community.

The true stories in my book ‘The Heart of the Sun’ are of the memories of my childhood. These memories are as fresh as if they had occurred only a few short years ago and those who shared of my childhood years will be pleasantly taken back to those days by the reality within my recollections.

My village - No. 66 Village is located on the Corentyne coast in Guyana, South America, about eight miles from the town of Skeldon/Corriverton. This little village, in my mind then and now, is still heaven. This is a land from which I cannot stay away and I travel at least once every two years to tour and enjoy with my family where we have taken flights to visit the interior and the Kaiteur falls, and tour the rivers by speed boat.

The title of my book is the same as the first poem in the book.
This poem explores in story form the not-much-thought-about fact that every bit of energy in our bodies here on earth, originated from the sun. In flowing poetry it follows a beam of energy exploding from the heart of the sun on a journey through space, being absorbed by a tree, becoming a tender flower pollinated by a bee and eventually ended in a delicious fruit happily eaten by a little girl. It ends with the premise that the light in the little girl's eyes is still a piece of
The Heart of the Sun.

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