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Lunging Alligator




 ........................... Then, about six feet away, he saw the plants swaying back and forth parted by a long, black, pointy tail. He reacted almost in shock, taking a step back as he made out the vague, wide outline of the alligator (picture) in the clear water, where it pressed down the tender rice plants.

At the same moment that his brain galvanized him into action
, the alligator’s did also, whipping its tail around as it lunged towards him, it’s huge jaws agape, displaying a fearsome array of sharp protruding teeth in the pink cavernous mouth.

Jag dropped his pieces of papaya, grabbed his machete from under his left arm
, and swung wildly as the reptile closed in on him. He kept moving to the side and chopped as hard as he could, aiming anywhere at the body of the alligator which he could reach. His sharp machete made dull metallic, thudding sounds on the hard, scaly skin of the alligator, and he kept swinging the blade almost in pure panic. ........................





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