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A Letter to God

Dear God,
Keeper of the flames of the hearts,
Father and guardian of all souls and all things,
It’s been a few years now but
not enough time to dissipate the heartache
that parting brings.
So at this time Dear God,
I’d like to pray, I’d like to ask,
that Papa’s soul wherever he is be at peace,
and our sorrows be relieved and not just masked.
I’d like to pray that all his lessons
and all his teachings not go to waste.
That they continue to make a difference
in our lives.... however fast-paced.
That as of now, not another tear be shed,
and that the memories, all be pleasant ones,
that bring smiles to faces and songs to hearts,
and bad ones forgotten except for the lessons learnt.
Dear God, if in the mysteries of this world
there was a way that us, Papa could see.
Let him see Mama, his Children and Grandchildren,
living with pride, dignity and in harmony.
 Let him know that the kind of love he envisioned
is alive and well and not at all lost.
and the examples he made and standards he set,
will be upheld by us at all costs.
Dear God, this today I ask of you,
that any sorrow in our hearts let go and be set free,
and in it’s place, expand our visions of love,
that make you God, easier for us to see.
But God, let the subtle links between our souls
that exists here and beyond, be never torn.
 So that in another life we may once again realize
a journey together, maybe with other garments worn.
So today Dear God, it is from the heart that I ask,
that wherever that soul, may at this time be,
shower him with peace and show him the way,
.... and please give him this message,
that he is always My Papa and My Hero to me.


(Written a year after my father had passed on)

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