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Tribute to our Home - The Mahadeo Family Home

I was born to
Pandit Budhram Mahadeo CCH and Rajkumaree Mahadeo known to most in the Corentyne area of Guyana as Papa & Mama and attended # 68 Primary School, Tagore Memorial Secondary School and Port Mourant Training Centre in the class of 1979 before migrated to the USA in 1985.

We are five children of Papa and Mama listed below by age;

(Please click on links below or on the far right for a short biography on each member of my family - Presently No Content)

Vidya B Mahadeo,   Dr. Vishwa Deva B Mahadeo - (Click here to read article 'Unsung Heroes' about Dr. Vishwa),   Dr. Vishwanie B Mahadeo-Heads,   Jagdeep B Mahadeo,   Yoganand B Mahadeo,   Somchand Tuphanilall

Somchand became a part of the Mahadeo family early in his life and adopted the culture, values, and way of life parallel with the rest of the Mahadeo children. He has long been a part of the family and spends much of his time with Jag and his family. 

Under the guidance of three of the most esteemed minds in philosophical, spiritual and religious thinking and practice, we have all followed the teachings of our Guruji Swami Veda Bharti, our father Pandit Budhram Mahadeo and mother Mataji Rajkumaree Mahadeo. We have all kept up in our practice of Havan, Sandhya and Meditation and try to hold ourselves to strict standards that will hopefully make these three earthly Gods of ours, proud.
These webpages are an attempt to, as our father believed 'help others by the spiritual awakening of ourselves through the sharing of thoughts, ideas and experiences'.

I was born in Guyana to the revered


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