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It was five in the morning when his eyes opened to his father’s low call. The twelve year old answered “Yes Pa” and got up slowly, listening to his father’s fumbling in his bedroom as he got dressed. Moving with care in the dark, trying to be quiet so as not to disturb the others who were still asleep, Jag slowly pulled his clothes on, rubbed his eyes and headed downstairs to untie the rigged up ‘alarm system’ from around his father’s car.

This was a 1966 light sky-blue Morris Minor (picture) with the license plate PW278 which he loved to wash and keep clean for his father. As he always did every morning when he took down the rigging, he lightly caressed a small, crumbled dent the size of his fist, on the topside of the left rear fender which was caused by a collision with the blade of a caterpillar grader which was working on building the road some years ago. This was the only blemish in the otherwise perfect form of this much-loved car and little Jag saw this as a battle scar that showed the power and strength of this beautiful little car versus the goliath of the caterpillar tractor.

It was a beautiful, cloudless morning and the clear, star-studded skies stretched like a blanket in all directions except towards the distant south in the direction of the headwaters of the CorentyneRiver, where the constant flickering lighting seemed to
jump and play between the clouds at all hours of the night. Since it was about eight miles away, it was an eerie sight because the expected sound of any accompanying thunder never reached the listening ear.
He then unlocked the brass-colored padlock that secured the steel chain around the wrought iron gate which led into the yard and spacious ‘bottom-house’ of their seemingly huge two-story house with the quaint tower. This small third floor which was known to all as ‘the tower’ had glass windows all around. It was dedicated solely as the family temple and prayer room. This is where the members of the family performed their daily ‘Sandhya’, weekly ‘Havan’, practiced their meditation and celebrated their birthdays and other family occasions. .............................................................

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