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The Dogs Attack


As he started quickly across the road, the distinct sound of rushing, padded feet on the blacktop sent a shiver of fear up his spine. He turned around just in time to see the moving flashes of the two black and white dogs as they pounced upon him, knocking him down onto his back on the hard, unforgiving, black-top of the road surface.

An hour ago he had just gotten out of bed, woken up by his mother’s call. It was a refreshing and beautiful morning with clear blue skies. The remnants of the night dew still hung thick in the air, coating the leaves and grass as a whitish hue and made for a cool, comfortable, feel-good morning. Through the swaying coconut fronds across the road the suns yellow rays split into several swords of light that fenced each other playfully in the safety of their ‘bottom-house’, the interactive, play area under the front of the house.

The two little black birds that lived in the rafters over the bottom-house performed their drawn out chirp-chirp and flew in lazy circles, following each other back and forth as if trailing some invisible line drawn in the air. Off to the right a half dozen Kiskadees preened themselves in the tender lower branches of the huge high-as-the-house tamarind tree while happily taking turns singing the morning notes of their distinct and musical ‘kiss-ka-dee-kis-kis-ka-dee’ song. ..............................................

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