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Meeting The Swan
After rollerblading early Sunday morning
I drove to the beautiful beach to sit.
Thought I’d cool down and relish the calm,
Reflect on my life and gather my wit.

There was nary a breeze and not a single wave,
Seems that the ocean was sleeping, snoring in swells.
If this was not the same as heaven,
It surely was the farthest place from hell.

I sat tranquil for a few moments
The rising sun, an awesome sight to see
When I glimpsed, riding the ocean swells,
A white Swan swimming slowly towards me

I held myself still, with bated breath.
And thought I would just let her be.
She stretched her neck and spread her wings
In all her beauty and glory, for me to see

On me her unwavering gaze held
As her large webbed feet hit the wet sand
I admired her pompous royal-like poise
....and her funny, ungainly waddle on land

She shuffled over and sat in the sand,
From me only about three close feet
I looked at her and with my eyes
I said ‘my friend it is so good to meet’.

It seemed she understood my
Unspoken language of the eyes
For she looked at me and her eyes said,
‘Yes my friend meeting you here is very nice’.

She sat on the beach, and kicked her feet
And threw sand on me as if in play
I felt we were like old friends
Who just ran into each other this day?

She rolled her eyes, flapped her wings and
Sprayed me with water that tasted of salt
I chuckled silently and looked at her.
She was splendid, I could find no fault.

We conversed together, silently as
That moment in time we shared.
Each studying the other
As into each other’s eyes we stared.

She was such a graceful creature,
To whom I now felt strangely close.
Deep within me something stirred.
And from me, love and admiration arose.

I wanted to break the silence.
I felt so compelled to speak.
But she softly spoke to me first,
Friendly Swan hisses coming from her beak.

I responded as low and gently as I could.
All I could say was ‘hello Swan’.
I felt sad when I realized that
In a few minutes she’ll be gone.

She got up and circled around me
Like trying to get a better view
All the while her eyes stayed on me
Like there was something only she knew.

She looked out at the ocean and
I knew it was time for her to go.
She stretched and spread her wings
And wagged her head high and low

I watched her walk to the water
Get in and slowly paddled away.
That surely felt like ten minutes of bliss.
I learnt a lot from Swan that day.

We shared the water and the land on Earth.
And of the same stuff we are both made.
We can live together peacefully with nature.
No need for weapons like a gun or blade.

I learnt there is a common silent language
Among all the creatures of the land
The Swan said that she wished this language
We humans would take the time to understand.

By Jag B Mahadeo
Taken from 'The heart of The Sun'


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