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Many of you have requested the complete Swasti Vachanam Mantras
and some requests have been to include the Mantras in Sanskrit.
Below is the complete Mantras in Sanskrit and transliteration.
Please also click on the audio  icon below to help with the pronunciation of the mantras: 

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In these ‘Swasti’ mantras for prosperity, we pray, (Swasti) O Prajapati,
you who is the provider of all things beautiful, precious and blessed things which brings us material joys,
and all that which gives us life, we pray for our well-being and to be blessed with all the cosmic energies
that brings us prosperity and happiness. 
May you be blessed in your continued quest for Knowledge and Liberation in your individual journey of life.

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Swasti Vachanam Mantras
अ॒ग्निनमी॑ळे पु॒रोहि॑तं
यज्ञ॒स्य॑ दे॒वम्रत्विज॑म्।
होता॑रं रत्न॒धात॑मम् ॥१॥
Om Agni meede purohitam
yajyasya deva-mrit-wijam
Hotaaram ratna-dhaatamam
Rig Veda 1:1:6
The very first word in the Vedas is ‘Agni’. Our sacred fire which we burn in our Yajna!
It is the same word from which you get igneous and the ignition key in your car. 
In this mantra, we acknowledge the power and greatness of Agni.
We praise He Who has been present even before this creation.
He is the Glorious Lord of this Cosmic Sacrifice, and is worthy of our worship in all seasons.
We praise He Who is the Creator and Supreme Sustainer of all the jewel-like planets and
the stars which decorate the cosmic Drama of his creation.
स नः॑ पि॒तेव॑ सूनवेऽग्न॑ सूपाय॒नो भ॑व।सच॑स्वा नः स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१॥
Om Sa nah piteva soonave
agne soopaa-yano bhava
Sachas-waa nah swastaye
Come to us, sweetly and readily, O Agni as a father comes unto his son.
Unite us, Lord, with Yourself and with the bounties of this world for Swasti, noble living, fortune and prosperity.  
स्व॒त्ति नो॑ मिमीताम॒श्वना॒ भगः॑
स्व॒त्ति देव्यदि॑तिरन॒र्वणः॑ ।
स्व॒स्वित पूषा असु॑रो दधातु नः
स्व॒स्ति ध्यावा॑पृथिवी सुचे॒तुना॑ ॥३॥
Om Swasti no mimeetaam-ashwinaa bhagah
swasti dev-yaditir anar-vanah
Swasti pooshaa asuro dadhaatu nah
swasti dyaawaa prithivee suche-tunaa
May all dual forces measure Swasti for us. May our fortune and wealth bring us Swasti.
May the Earth, goddess and nurturing as she is, yield Swasti for us.
May the clouds that provide us life through rain-fall sustain Swasti for us, and may the sun and
all the planets, filled with knowledge, confer Swasti unto us.

स्व॒स्तये॑ वा॒युमुपं सोमं॑ स्वस्सि भुव॑नस्य यस्पतिः॑।
बृह॒स्पतिं॒ सर्स॑गणं स्व॒स्तये॑ त्वस्तय॑ आदित्यासो॑ भवन्तु नः ॥४॥
Om Swastaye vaayu-mupa bravaa-mahai
somam swasti bhuwa-nasya yas patih
Brihaspatim sarvaganam swastaye
swastaya aadit-yaaso bhawantu nah
Let us, in our search for an elevated existence, explore the qualities of air, and even of the moon
that influences operations on earth.
We call upon the Teacher of wisdom, surrounded by his eager students, to teach us for Swasti,
and may those men who are benefactors of all mankind help in achieving this elevated existence.

विश्वे॑ दे॒वा नो॑ अ॒ध्या स्वस्तये॑वैश्वान॒रो वसु॑र॒ग्निः स्स्वतये॑।
देवा अ॑वन्त्वभवः॑ स्वस्ति स्वस्ति नो॑ रू॒द्रः पा॒त्वंह॑सः ॥५॥
Om Vishwe devaa no adyaa swastaye
vaish-waa-naro vasu-ragnih swastaye
Devaa avantu ribhawah swastaye
swasti no rudrah paat-wang-hasah
Let all wise men instruct us today for Swasti.
Let fire, present everywhere, and benefiting all creatures be for our facility and comfort.
Let all forces that bring light to the world, protect us while we acquires this comfort,
and let the system of social justice protect us from wrong-doing, yielding Swasti for us.

स्वस्ति मि॑त्रावरूणा स्व॒स्ति प॑थ्ये रेवति।
स्व॒स्ति न॒ इन्द्र॑श्चा॒ग्निश्च॑ स्वस्ति नो॑ अदिते कृधि ॥६॥
Om Swasti mitraa varunaa
swasti pathye revati
Swasti na indrash chaag-nish cha
swasti no adite kridhi
Mother Earth!
May you cause us to walk on the path of individual enrichment while we make use of
hydrogen and oxygen, and electricity and fire.

स्व॒स्ति पन्था॒मनु॑ सुर्साचन्द्र॒मसा॑विव।
पुन॒र्दद॒ताध्न॑ता जान॒ता सं ग॑मेहि ॥७॥
Om Swasti panthaam anucharema
sooryaa chandra-masaa viva.
Punar dada-taagh-nataa
jaana-taa sanga-memahi
Rig Veda 2:21:12
Let us all follow the path of Swasti like the sun and moon.
Let us be in the company of those who give of what they have, who never hurt the feelings of others,
except when it is for one’s own good, and who know much of God and His Wisdom.

ये दे॒वानां॑ य॒ज्ञिया॑ य॒ज्ञियानां मनो॒र्यज॑त्रा अ॒मृता॑ ऌत॒ज्ञाः।
ते नो॑ रासन्तामुरूगायम॒ध्य यूयं पा॑त स्वस्तिभिः॒ सदा॑ नः ॥८॥
Om Ye devaa naam yag-yi-yaa yag-yi-yaanaam
manor yajatraa amritaa ritag-yaah.
Te no raa-santaam urugaa yamadya 
yooyam paata swasti-bhih sadaa nah
Those who are the holiest among the holy and knowledgeable scholars of the Vedas and Yajna, and who are
worthy of reverence in the company of thoughtful minds, may they impart to us the knowledge to also attain the
highest levels of intelligence. They who become immortal from having realized Truth, may they come in this
life-time to grant us the knowledge sought by many, and protect us with powers of Swasti, of happiness and prosperity.

येभ्यो॑ मा॒ता मधु॑म॒त्पिन्व॑ते॒ पयः॑ पी॒यूषं॒ ध्यौरदि॑तिरद्रि॑बर्हाः।
उ॒क्थशु॑ष्मान्वृषभ॒रान्त्स्वप्न॑स॒स्ताँ आ॑दि॒त्याँ अनु॑ मदा स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥९॥
Om Yebhyo maata madhumat pin-wate payah
pee-yoosham dyaur aditir adri-barhaa.
Uktah shusmaan vrisha bharaan svapna-sastaan
aa-dityaan anumadaa swastaye
They for whom Mother Earth yields nutritious grains and sweet juices, and for whom the limitless sky above,
filled with clouds, showers down rain that is to us like nectar, they who derive their strength from
chanting the verses of the Holy Vedic, who cause rains of cool-ness to extinguish the fire of lust, anger and greed,
and who perform the noblest of actions - to these noble sons of Mother Earth do I pay homage and offer praise for Swasti.

नृचक्ष॑सो॒ अनि॑मिषन्तो अ॒र्हणा॑ बृहद्दे॒वासो॑ अमृत॒त्वमा॑नशुः।
ज्यो॒तिर॑था॒ अहि॑माया॒ अना॑गसो दि॒वो व॒ष्-र्माणं॑ वसते स्वस्तये॑ ॥१०॥
Om Nri-chakshaso ani-mishanto arhanaa
brihad devaaso amrita tvamaa-nashuh.
Jyotee rathaa ahi-maayaa anaa-gaso
divo varsh-maanam vasate swastaye
May the scholars who watch over and protect the erring mankind, who are incessantly awake to our needs,
who are worthy of our reverence, may they attain immortal (extremely long) life so that they can
continue to help their fellow man. Riding chariots of light of intelligence
(possessing the higher knowledge of the Vedas), and so possessing unrestrained brilliance, and sinless,
they live in the exalted regions of heavenly bliss to point the way to Swasti to the rest of us.

स॒म्राजो॒ यु॒वृधो॑ य॒ज्ञमा॑ययुर प॑रिहृता दधि॒रे दि॒वि क्षय॑म्।
ताँ आ वि॑वास॒ नम॑सा सुवृत्किभि॑र्म॒हो आदित्याँ अदि॑तिं स्व॒स्तमे॑॥११॥
Om Samraajo ye suv-ridho yagyam aayayur
aparih-vritaa dadhire divik-shayam.
Taanaa-vivaasa namasaa suvrik-tibhir
maho aadityaan aditim swastaye
The spiritually enlightened sages, who are advanced in knowledge, have come to
our Yajna and reside in the higher intelligence of the Vedas.
Un-subdued have they taken their place of honor around the sacred Yajna kunda.
Unto these magnified sons of Mother Earth, and unto the Mother Herself, with words of salutation and praise,
do I offer my service for Swasti of all mankind. 

को वः स्तोमं॑ राधति॒ यं जुजो॑षथ॒ विश्वे॑ देवासो मनुषो॒ मति॒ ष्ठन॑।
को वो॑ऽध्वैरं तु॑विजाता॒ अरं॑ कर॒ध्यो रः॒ पर्षदत्मंहः॑ स्वस्तये ॥१२॥
 Om Ko wah stomam raadhati yam ju-joshatha
vishve devaaso manusho yatish
Ko wo ‘dhwaram tuvi-jaataa aramkarad
yonah parshad atyam-hah swastaye
O Thoughtful Sages and learned persons! I address this question to all of you present around this sacrificial altar;
“Who has composed for you the sacred verses that you so love to chant?
O Sages, pre-eminent in knowledge, who among you will perform the ennobling sacrament that will lead us
across evil and unbalance unto the realm of Swasti?
Remember those who are accomplished in chanting the mantras of the Vedas.
Let us use this divine knowledge of the Vedas to free ourselves from the bondages of this life.

येभ्यो॒ होत्रां॑ प्रथ॒मामा॑ये॒जे मनुः॒ समि॑ध्दाग्नि॒र्मन॑सा स॒प्त होतृ॑भिः।
त आ॑दितया॒ अभ॑यं॒ शर्म॑ यच्छत सु॒गा नः॑ कर्त सु॒पथा॑ स्वस्तये॑ ॥१३॥
 Om Yebhyo hotraam prathamaa mayej manuh
samidha agnir manasaa sapta hotri-bhih
Ta aadityaa abhayam sharma yachchata
sugaa nah karta supathaa swastaye
The thoughtful student, who is a performer of Yajnas, and received immortal wisdom by kindling
the supreme sacrifice of student-discipline with the aid of his seven senses.
Seven senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, thinking, and deciding’
These Teachers, great and magnified sons of the Earth as they are, grant unto us the asylum of fearlessness,
and may they make paths in life easy for us to pass through, leading to the domain of Swasti.

य ईशि॑रे॒ भुव॑नस्य॒ प्रचे॑तसो॒ विश्व॑सय स्था॒तुर्जग॑तश्च॒ मन्त॑वः।
ते नः॑ कतादकृ॑तादेन॑स॒स्पर्य॒ध्मा दे॑वासः पिपृता स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१४॥
Om Ya eeshirey bhuva-nasya prache-taso
vishvasya sthaatur jagatash-cha mantavah.
Te nah kritaa dakritaa-dena-saspary
Adyaa devaasah pipritaa swastaye
The learned persons, in their deep knowledge and meditation, control whatever happens in their
entire conscious and unconscious creation. May they help and lead us today across bodily and
mental transgressions of evil and sin unto the haven of Swasti for our welfare and prosperity.

भरे॒ष्विन्द्रं॑ सू॒हवं॑ हवामहेंऽहो॒मुचं॑ सु॒कृतं॒ दैव्यं॒ जन॑म्।
अ॒ग्निं भि॒त्रं वमू॑णं सा॒तये भगं॒ ध्यावा॑पृथि॒वि म॒रूतः॑ स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१५॥
Om Bharesh-windram suhavam havaa-mahem 
homucham sukritam daivyam janam
Agnim mitram varunam saataye bhagam
dyaavaa prihivee marutah swastaye
In our struggles in life and in our Yajnas, we call upon Lord Indra.
That Divine Personality responds readily to our call for help, releases us from pain, and shows us the path to goodness.
For prosperity and Swasti, we call upon the Knowledgeable One, who, as a Choice worthy Friend,
brings us fortune and bliss. We also call upon all forces that are present on earth, in sky and in heaven,
the forces of fire, vital air, water, light, heaven and earth and all the various gases to bring us Swasti.
सु॒त्रामा॑णं पृथि॒विं ध्याम॑ने॒हसें॑ सु॒शर्मा॑ण॒मदि॑तिं।
दैवीं॒ नावं स्वरि॒त्रामना॑गस॒मस्र॑वन्ती॒मा रूसेमा स्व॒स्तये॑ ॥१६॥
Om Sutraa-maanam prithiveem dyaam anay-hasam
sushar-maanam aditim supra-neetim.
Daiveem naavam swari-traam anaagasam
Asra-vanteem aaru-hemaa swastaye
Having built-in protection for its Passenger, spacious, and glowing with light of consciousness,
beyond comparison, providing security and comfort, and indestructible, offering safe guidance, having good oars,
sinless, and free from all defects, skillfully constructed; upon such a divine boat do we seek to embark,
Passenger: the jeevaatmaa, the soul in bondage, traveling to the destination of Liberation.
Divine boat: the human body, having bodily and mental health’
to be led to the shore of Swasti!

विश्वे॑ यजत्रा॒ अधि॑ वोचतो॒तये त्राय॑ध्वं नो दुरेवा॑या अभि॒हुतः॑।
स॒त्यया॑ दे॒वहू॑त्या हुवेम॒ श्रृण्व॒तो अव॑से स्वस्तये ॥१७॥
Om Vishve yajatraa adhi vocha-totaye
traaya dhvam no dure-vaayaa abhih-rutah.
Satyayaa vo deva-hootyaa hu-vema
shrin-vato devaa avasey swastaye
All ye learned persons observing and partaking in our Yajna! Help and instruct us with your authority for our protection,
and save us from violence caused by the forces of evil and unjust.
For our protection, O God, we call upon you, who listen, with truthful divine calling for our own safety and progress.

अपामी॑वा॒मप॒ विश्वा॒मना॑हुति॒म- पारा॑तिं दुर्वि॒त्रा॑मघाम॒तः।
आरे दे॑वा॒ ध्वेषो॑ अस्मध्यु॑योतनो॒रृ णः॒ शर्म॑ यच्छता स्व॒स्तये॥१८॥
Om Apaa-mee-vaa-mapa 
apaa-raatim-durvida-traam aghaa-yatah.
Aare devaa dvesho asmad yuyotano-
ru nah sharma yach-chhataa swastaye
O learned persons, Please keep away from me all kinds of disease; remove all unrighteousness and covetousness;
rid me of all sinful tendencies and send away from me all others who are of negative influence.
May the divine powers send far away from me all that is hateful and unkind, and grant unto me
the great asylum of peace that may yield Swasti for us.
अरी॑ष्टः॒ स मर्मो॒ विश्व॑ एधते॒ प्र प्र॒जाभि॑र्जायते॒ धर्म॑णस्परि॑।
यमा॑दित्यासो॒ रय॑था सुनी॒तिभि॒रति॒ विश्वा॑नि दरि॒ता स्व॒स्तये॑॥१९॥
Om Arishtah samarto vishva eda hate
pra pra-jaabhir jaayate dharman-aspari.
Yama adityaaso nayathaa suneeti-bhir
ati vishvaani duritaa swastaye
In this world, that man who is surrounded by dharma remains unhurt.
He prospers, and becomes famous through his children.
May the learned persons lead him with good guidance and wisdom, for the sake of Swasti,
across all courses of evil and adversity.
यं दे॑वा॒सोऽव॑थ॒ वाज॑सातौ यं शूर॑साता मरूतो हि॒ते धने॑।
प्रा॒त॒र्यावा॑णं॒ रथ॑मिन्द्र सान॒सिम- रि॑ष्यन्त॒मा रूहेमा स्वस्तये॑ ॥२०॥
Om Yam devaaso ‘vatha vaaja-saatau
Yam shoora-saataa maruto hite dhane.
Praa-tar yaavaanam ratham-indra saa-nasim
ari-shaantaam aa-ruhemaa swastaye
This body of ours is like a chariot that brings victory for the soul which is traveling through life in this chariot.
The soul which is seated in the body of this chariot begins its daily battle-journey at dawn, each morning, in this mortal frame!
O divine powers We pray that may we mount that secure, unbroken chariot which you protect in the battle of life,
in the test for courage, and in wholesome prosperity.
The divine powers: the vital airs, the mind, the intellect, the heart, brain,
and nervous system all help the body to function coordinately’
स्व॒स्ति नः॑ प॒थ्या॑सु धन्व॑सु स्वस्त्यप्सु वृ॒ जने॒ स्वर्व॑ति।
स्वस्ति नः॑ पुत्रकृ॒थेषु॒ योनि॑षु स्व॒स्ति रा॒ये म॑रूतो दधातन ॥२१॥
 Om Swasti nah path-yaasu dhanwasu
Swasti apsu vrijane swarvati.
Swasti nah putra-krithe-shu yo-nishu
Swasti raaye maruto dadhaatana
May Swasti be with us in our familiar, inhabited lands with known paths, and even in our difficult,
unknown desert lands, in our oceans, in the sky and in heaven and even in all places without paths.
O divine ones who encourage us never to cry! Let Swasti be in our childbearing wombs and in all aspects of our lives.
Let Swasti bring us the wealth of liberation.
‘Divine ones: scholars are called maruts because, in teaching us the difference between the perishable
and imperishable, we do not (ma) cry (rud)’
स्व॒स्तिरिध्दि प्रप॑थे श्रेष्ठा॒ रेक्ण॑स्वत्य॒भि या वाममेति॑।
सा नो॑ अ॒मा सो अर॑णे नि पा॑तु स्वावे॒शा भ॑वतु देवगो॑पा ॥२२॥
Om Swasti-riddhi prapathe shresh-thaa
Rek-nasvati abhi yaa vaamameti.
Saa no amaaso arane nipaatu
Swaa-we-shaa bhavatu deva-gopaa
May Swasti alone be on our chosen path.
That Swasti which is the best and possessed of riches, and makes us inclined to appreciate what is beautiful and pious.
May She ever protect us, whether we are in familiar or unknown places.
Coming easily to us and bringing beautiful sentiments, may She guard over our speech and all our senses
and provide us with safe and righteous homes full of wealth and good things.
इ॒षे त्वो॒र्जे त्वा॑ वायव॑ स्थ दे॒ वो वः॑ सवि॒ता प्रार्प॑यनु॒
श्रेष्ठ॑माय॒ कर्म॑णऽआप्या॑यध्वमध्न्याऽ इन्द्रा॑य भा॒गं प्रजाव॑तीमनमी॒वाऽअ॑यक्ष्मा
मा व॑ स्ते॒नऽई॑शत॒ माघशँ॑ सो धु॒वाऽअ॒स्मिन् गोप॑तौ स्यात वह्-वीर्यज॑मानस्य प॒शून् पा॑हि॥२०॥
Om Ishe tvorje tvaa, vaayava 
Stha devo vah savitaa praar-payatu.
Shresh-tha-tamaaya karmana.
Aapyaa-yad-hwam agnyaa indraaya bhaagam.
Prajaa-wateer anamee-vaa ayakshmaa
Maa va stena eeshata,
maagha-shanso dhruvaa asmin 
go-patau syaata
Wah-veer yaja-maa-nasya pashoon paahi
-Yajur Veda 21:12
O men and women! You are wind-like and powerful souls.
May the Divine One motivate you to obtain everything necessary for physical and mental energy,
so you can perform the noblest deeds in your life. May nothing hinder you in this process of righteous being.
Contribute and increase your share to your leader at home and in society.
Let us be possessed of good and righteous children in large numbers, and be free from diseases and viruses.
Never allow a thief to govern you, nor one who revels in sin.
Remain firm in the protection of your Ruler, for he is the coordinator of the entire system in which you operate.
And protect animals, for they see, but cannot discriminate. They are in your charge.  
आ नो॑ भ॒द्राः क्रत॑वो यन्तु विश्वतोऽ द॑ब्धासो॒ऽअप॑रीतासऽउ॒द्भिदः॑।
दे॒वा नो॒ यथा॒ सद॒मिद्वृ॒धेऽअस॒न्प्रा॑युवो रक्रि॒तारो॑ दिवेदि॑वे॥२१॥
Om Aa no bhadraah kratavo yantu vishvato
’dab-dhaaso aparee-taasa ud-bhi-dah.
Devaa no yathaa sada-mid vridhe
Asanna praayovo rakshitaa-ro dive dive
Good deeds may take birth from the highly intelligent who is involved in great actions of the highest actions.
May these good activities always accompany us.
May noble thoughts come to us from every side - pure, free and bursting forth readily,
so that the divine powers may always help us to grow, diligently protecting us day after day from calamity.
May our deeds be without blemish where no one may mistake it for adverse results!
दे॒वानां॑ भ॒द्रा सु॑म॒तिर्ऋ॑जूय॒तां दे॒वानाम् रा॒तिर॒भि नो॒ निव॑र्तताम्।
देवाना॑म् स॒रूयमुप॑सेदिमा व॒यं दे॒वा न॑ऽ आपुः प्रति॑रन्तु जी॒वसे॑॥२२॥ यजु० २५।१२
 Om Devaanaam bhadraa sumatri rijoo-yataam
devaanaam raatir-abhi no nivar-tataam.
Devaanaam sakhyam-upase-dimaa vayam
devaa na aayuh prati-rantu jeevase
May the benevolent wisdom of honest scholars, and their generosity, be directed unto us.
May we learn from these learned scholars of the Vedas and gain knowledge from them.
May we sit in the company of those scholars in friendship and may these holy men help prolong
our life-span for us to live happily.
तमिशा॑नं॒ जग॑तस्थुष॒स्पतिं धियञ्जि॒न्वमव॑से हूमहे व॒यम्।
पू॒षा नो॒ यथा॒ वेद॑सा॒मस॑द्वृधे र॑क्रि॒ता पा॒चुरदब्धः स्वस्तये॑ ॥२६॥
Om Tamee-shaanam jagatas-tas-thu-shaspatim
dheeyam jinwam avase hoo-mahe vayam.
Poosha no yathaa veda-saam asad
Vridhe rakshitaa paayur adab-dhah swastaye
For protection, we adore and pray to Him, the Ruler and Master of all that stands,
moves and moves not, and inspires our intelligence. May He, the Nourisher and sustainer,
increase our wealth for Swasti, and be our Protector and Savior from all evil and calamities.
स्व॒स्ति न॒ ऽइन्द्रो॑ वृध्दश्र॑वाः स्व॒स्ति नः॑ पू॒पा विश्ववे॑दाः।
स्व॒स्ति न॒स्ताक्ष्र्यो॒ऽअरि॑ष्टनेमिः स्व॒स्ति नो॒ बृह॒स्पति॑र्दधातु॥२७॥
Om Swasti na indro vriddha shravaah
swasti nah pooshaa vishva vedaah.
Swasti nas taar-kshyo arishtane-mih
swasti no brihas-patir dadhaatu
May we possess within, bravery and strength to protect us from anti-social elements, and ensure our safety!
May we possess within, whom, as owner of abundant wealth supports the economic system, and bring us prosperity.
May we have that within, who is swift in performing his duties, with unimpeded speed, provide comfort.
And may we possess within, he who is filled with religious and secular learning, to motivate us for our intellectual growth!
May all the divine powers of the universe contribute to our welfare and happiness!  
भ॒द्रं कर्णोभिः श्रृणुयाम देवा भ॒र्दं प॑श्येमा॒श्रमि॑यजत्राः।
स्थि॒रैरङै॑ग् स्तुष्टु॒वावां स॑स्त॒नूभि व्-र्यशेमहि दे॒वासि॑तं॒ यदायुः॑॥२८॥
 Om Bhadram karne-bhih shrinu-yaama devaa
bhadram pash-ye-maak-shabhir yajatraah.
Sthirai-rangais tushtu-waam-sas tanoobhir
vyashe-mahi deva-hitam yad aayuh
O Gods, may we hear with ‘karnebhih – with ears’ what is auspicious Bhadram – good (words), truth’.
May we ‘pashyema – see’ with ‘akshabhi – with eyes’ what is auspicious.
While praising the Gods with perfect health may we enjoy a life that is beneficial to ourselves and to others.
O Gods! Let us hear promising things from our ears. O respectful Gods!
Let us see propitious things from our eyes, let our organs and body be stable, healthy and strong.
Let us do what is pleasing to gods in the life span allotted to us.
अग्न आ याहि वीतये गृणाना इव्यदातये।
नि होता सत्सि बर्हिषि॥२९॥
 Om Agna aa yaahi veetaye
gri-naano havya daa-taye.
ni hotaa satsi var-hishi
Sama Veda 1:1:1
O Lord, you are the one who saves us from our sorrows and problems and provides
all the necessary things we need in this life and for our Yajnas.
O Lord you set me apart from the powers of darkness.
I sing your glory at this critical moment in my life, and beg for the gift of discriminating knowledge.
We pray that you be seated in the temple of my heart and never leave.
त्वमग्ने यज्ञानां होताविश्वेषां हितः।
देवेभिमानुषे जने ॥३०॥
 Om Twam agne yajyaa-naam hotaa
vish-ve-shaam hitah.
Devebhir maanushe jane
You, O Lord, are the one who inspires virtuous karma.
This is acknowledged to be true by enlightened men in human society.
Inspire us with your divine powers so that we not go astray and follow the right path.
ये त्रि॑ष॒प्ताः प॑रि॒यन्ति॒ विश्वा॑ रू॒ पाणि॒ बिभ्र॑तः।
वा॒चस्पति॒र्बला॒ तेषाँ त॒न्वे अ॒ध्य द॑धातु मे॥३१॥
 Om Ye tri-shaptaah pari-yanti
vishvaa roopaani bi-bhra-tah.
Vaachas-patir balaa teshaam
tanvo adya dadhaatu me
Atharva Veda 1:1:1
Tri – Three periods and three eras which karma influences and which influences
karma = past, present, future, or earth, heaven and space, or spiritual, material and ignorance (satva, raj, tam)!
May the Teacher of wisdom, today, make me knowledgeable in their use
so that I can understand and explain the deepest imports of words of wisdom.
Iti Swasti Vaachanam
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