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So God made everything ....
7/6/2012 5:10:57 PM

Today July 6th.

Some people believe that since God made everything, including the cigarette, marajuana, alcohol and other drugs, it MUST be okay to use them as we choose. God also made poisons and poisonous plants too.

Intellectual Levels?
7/5/2012 6:54:37 AM

Today, July 5th 2012
Sitting in my Poetry Garden wondering why sometimes seemingly brilliant minds do foolish things and make insanely foolish decisions. Is there such a thing as allowing oneself to temporarily step down one or more intellectual levels, and then make these decisions which we later regret? Even then, we still try to conjure up excuses to justify these actions and decisions!

Visit to Ananda Ashram
7/5/2012 6:52:12 AM

Today July 4th 2012

Today we visited the Ananda Ashram in Monroe NY with Pandit Ramlallji, Bhai Lalitji, Behen Davi, Behen Dero and Behen Vashti. The things that motivates us to do the things we do and that which keeps us motivated to keep doing what we do .... facinates me and leaves me in wonderment of it all.

Always a pleasure to meet my brothers and sisters who I have never met before and today was an honor.

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