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Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna Dates, Sponsors, and Venue
For more information call Behen Dero 631-464-8310

Our Gracious Sponsor for 2019 Yajna
Bhai Rohan Kanhoye - 172-20 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY

Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna is an Annual event held by the Himalayan Tradition – a group of disciples of Guruji Swami Veda Bharati in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Formerly known as Pandit Usharbudh Arya, Mahamandaleshwara Swami Veda Bharati is the Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas and the Founder of the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International (AHYMSIN) and Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG). His life was dedicated to teaching and facilitating positive change in the lives of others, in society and the entire world.

This Vrata Yajna is sponsored by volunteers at their homes each year. Anyone with a large enough yard space can request that the Yajna be performed at their home. The preparations of food and other responsibilities are shared by the Leaders and Coordinators of the Himalayan Tradition so that it does not become overwhelming for the sponsor. These selfless souls are acknowledged to the right of this article.

For many years Guruji Swami Veda has encouraged his disciples to continuously work on establishing discipline in their individual lives. With this idea in mind, he has always asked his disciples to look at the date of Guru Purnima and count back 40 days, and for these 40 days, he suggested that his disciples implement some change in their own lives to instill discipline in themselves. As we know, anything done continuously for 40 days becomes habit and this is what he encouraged us to do. He had put together a list of suggestions which anyone could follow – ideas when implemented becomes life-changing! Read Guruji’s list of Vrata suggestions here.

During this Vrata Yajna which is a Multi-Kunda Yajna, all attendees are encouraged to undertake a Vrata, (vow) - some form of ‘tapah’ – penance or sacrifice in their lives for approximately 35 to 40 days, and together we chant Vedic Mantras, make 108 ahutis (offering) of Gayatri Mantra, have discussions, speeches and lectures on discipline and the development of self, conclude with Shantih Paath and then enjoy the company of like-minded souls while sharing a delicious lunch. 

We encourage full participation (Chanting, offering of ahutis, etc.) from all those who attend our Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna.

If attending with family or company, we ask that you please bring your own Havan Kunda, sheets, and other Havan items – samaghri, ghee, dhoop, etc. If you are attending alone, you are welcome to sit in with any other group and use their Kunda in your offering.

(We will provide extra Havan items available for those who do not have)

We invite you to join with the family of the Himalayan Tradition, imbibe of our prayers, our rituals and our devotion, and practice this ancient but proven method of self-discovery and self-development on your Spiritual Journey. 

Pandit Jag B Mahadeo

Swama Rama

Guruji Swami Veda Bharati

Leaders & Coordinators of Annual Vrata Yajna

Behen Dero Mahadeo
Behen Lalita Bechan
Pt. Reshiram Sadhu
Behen Mintra Kanhoye Seegolam
Behen Dr. Sharla Khargi
Behen Vidya B Mahadeo
Bhai Some Tuphanilall
Behen Nellie Tuphanilall
Mataji Bhojwatie
Bhai Balram Rambrich

Our heartfelt thanks to these selfless and loving souls who contributed their time, money, effort and self to the cause of betterment of Self and Society.

We thank you for so freely giving of yourself! 

Naakasya prishthe sam ishaa madema .... With your great effort, may you find Peace, Unity, Joy and Happiness.
Guru PurnimaVrataYajna Dates, Sponsors and Venue:
(Yajna at all dates begin at 10:00 AM and conclude at 12:00 Noon)
Date  Sponsor  Venue
2013 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - July 22nd  Pandit Jag Mahadeo & Behen Dero Mahadeo 128 Avenue B, Holbrook, NY, 11741
2014 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - July 12th Pandit Jag Mahadeo & Behen Dero Mahadeo 128 Avenue B, Holbrook, NY, 11741
2015 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - June 20th Mataji Bhojwatie Chandrica 127-12 133rd Avenue, Ozone Park, Queens, NY
2016 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - July 19th  Pandit Jag Mahadeo & Behen Dero Mahadeo 128 Avenue B, Holbrook, NY, 11741
2017 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - June 3rd Mataji Bhojwatie Chandrica 127-12 133rd Avenue, Ozone Park, Queens, NY
2018 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna June 16th Pandit Jag Mahadeo & Behen Dero Mahadeo 128 Avenue B, Holbrook, NY, 11741
2019 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna June 8th Bhai Rohan Kanhoye 172-20 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY
2020 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - May 30th Sponsor to be determined Venue to be determined
2021 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna - June 19th Sponsor to be determined Venue to be determined
2022 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna -  Sponsor to be determined Venue to be determined
2023 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna -  Sponsor to be determined Venue to be determined
2024 Guru Purnima Vrata Yajna -  Sponsor to be determined Venue to be determined



Actual Guru Purnima Dates Below:  

2013 Guru Purnima - July 22nd 
2014 Guru Purnima - July 12th
2015 Guru Purnima - July 31st
2016 Guru Purnima - July 19th 
2017 Guru Purnima - July 9th
2018 Guru Purnima - July 27th
2019 Guru Purnima - July 16th
2020 Guru Purnima - July 4th
2021 Guru Purnima - July 23rd
2022 Guru Purnima - July 13th
2023 Guru Purnima - July 3rd
2024 Guru Purnima - July 21st

Thoughts on your Personal Vrata

(Adapted from writings by Guruji Swami Veda Bharati)

Conduct Self-Examination

1. Maintain mindfulness and an attitude of self-examination throughout the day. Observe your thoughts and emotions asking oneself, “What transgressions did I commit?”

2. Where there was fearful or aggressive thoughts, words or actions ask, “What was it in me that evoked that response and reaction?”

3. Ask yourself “What right thing that should have done have I omitted?” and replacing such negativity with kindness and compassion.

4. For any thought critical of anyone, do 11 recitations of Gayatri Mantra.

5. Surrender your samskaras & random thoughts to the inner Guru.

Ideas of Vratas (Vows) to undertake

1. Do one to three malas of your personal mantra japa daily for the next 40 days

2. At opportune times in your day (at break time and lunch if you work, or about every 2 hours), sit for 2 minutes, observing the flow of breath in the nostrils and repeating your personal mantra.

3. Recite the Guru Brahma Prayer and the morning and evening prayers.

4. Resolve to enter into non-self-centered meditation.

5. Om Tat Sat Brahmarpanam Astu – dedicate prayers to the enlightenment and happiness of others.

6. Your last formal thought at night should be the Guru Brahma prayer and entry into meditative mode as you fall asleep. Your sleep will become a meditation.

7. Increasing one’s practice of meditation and japa.

8. Implementing an element of yoga, such as a particular Yama or Niyama. The Yamas are restraints which we can practice such as:

a.     Ahimsa: Nonviolence

b.     Satya: Truthfulness

c.     Asteya: Non-stealing

d.     Brahmacharya: Non-excess

e.     Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness

 9. Or practice one of the Niyamas which leads to purified thinking and eventually a purified mind;

 a.     Saucha: Purity

b.     Santosha: Contentment

c.     Tapas: Self-discipline

d.     Svadhyaya: Self-study

e.     Ishvara Pranidhara: Surrender

 10. Cultivating positive aspects of mind through such practices as the Four Right Attitudes;

These are the brahma-viharas:

                                          i.     Friendliness toward the happy.

                                        ii.     Compassion for the unhappy.

                                      iii.     Delight in the virtuous.

                                      iv.     Indifference toward the wicked.

11. Pleasant-mindedness - chitta-prasadana - clarity and purification of mind, making the mind pleasant and clear.

12. Make lifestyle changes so to honor the natural environment – reducing clutter, consuming less, planting trees, and simplifying your way of living.

13. Making healthier choices in one’s daily schedule in terms of diet and nutrition; (Abstaining from some particular kind of foods or abstaining from some particular drinks/controlling your appetite)

14. Improve your sleep and exercise habits.

15. Refining one’s personal relationships with family, friends and co-workers. (Here is one I remember which Guruji told me in 1997. You work with someone you do not like. Say one good thing about that person every day – you’ll see the change it will make in you)

 Some other thoughts and ideas. 

1. Do your prayers daily

2. Do the Sandhya daily!

3. Doing daily meditation!

4. Doing the short Havan daily!

5. Expanding some other aspect of one’s daily yoga practice with subtle relaxations or 

6. Practice pranayama - Perform breathing exercises to influence your health in positive ways.

7. Studying an inspiring book and applying a principle or practice in it.

8. Commit to reading from the Bhagavat Gita daily.

9. Learning one new Vedic Mantra each week and recite that Mantra daily during that week.

10. Decide to raise your level of exercise and begin walking a few miles every day. Start a workout/exercise routine – exercise 10 minutes a day. We can help you develop an exercise program!


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